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Will the Pattern Printed by DTG Printing Machine Be Discolored?

DTG printing process is very environmentally friendly and the operation process is very simple. With the progress of science and technology, chemical fiber fabrics are gradually turning into a direct spray process. Compared with the dispersed transfer printing, the direct jet digital printing machine, the belt guide machine, started late. Someone must have asked whether the patterns printed on pure cotton clothes using DTG technology will be discolored?

Suitable treatment solution, high-quality ink, accurate fixation temperature, and the same fixation time every minute and second. Under the condition that the above four conditions are met, the patterns printed by DTG printing technology have very good color fastness, and can basically achieve very good color fastness.

  1. Treatment fluid

There are many manufacturers of treatment fluids. The components of treatment fluid from different manufacturers are similar. For their own printer models, choosing the right treatment fluid is the primary condition to ensure color fastness.

  1. High-quality ink

The ink on the market is also uneven, which is not necessarily expensive. However, the quality of ink not only plays a vital role in printing effect and smoothness but also directly affects the color fastness of printing.

  1. Fixation temperature

The fixing temperature of different fabrics, different inks, and different processes is also different. Too low is useless, and too high is easy to damage the fabric.

  1. Fixation time

The lower the temperature is, the longer the fixation time is. On the contrary, the shorter the fixation time is. Different equipment, even at the same temperature, has different fixation times.

T-shirt printer overcomes various problems existing in traditional printing technology. It can directly print patterns on T-shirts and other fabrics and also print high-fidelity color effect images with white ink promoted for dark fabrics. Not only the speed is fast (one piece can be printed in 1min), but also the effect is good (comparable to American version printing); When necessary, it can also print the required number of pieces through simple operation, and support color and high-quality printing at the same time. The environmentally friendly water-based pigment ink used in the operation of a ready-to-wear printing machine / T-shirt printer creates a soft feel and elegant tone for the printed piece.

DTG printing process of a T-shirt printer is as simple as the following four steps: (1) coating the printing part → (2) hot stamping treatment → (3) printing → (4) natural drying (or drying) → (5) completion. Simple operation procedures and high-quality dyeing and painting create a low-cost and high-efficiency production structure. It has the printing accuracy of professional photography. When the image is output, it has bright colors and clear effects. It is waterproof, sunscreen, Lishui printing machine, wear-resistant and washable.

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