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Why DTG Printing is Preferred for Custom T-shirts?

Nowadays, it is a common process to use  DTG  printing T-shirts. We usually use it for many customized clothes. Because it has higher cost performance, it can meet the needs of large-area printing, and printing does not need to be printed, which saves more costs and does not limit the minimum order. Therefore, we see that many small factories and enterprises have also adopted the digital direct spray printing process in recent years.

Digital direct injection refers to the use of a digital printer to directly print out the patterns we need to print on various materials. In a real sense, it realizes one-piece, printing without plate making. Digital direct jet printing uses ink jet printing, and the pigment enters the cloth when forming, breaking the restrictions of general screen printing and sudden color change printing. The production and printing of any picture can be stopped.

1. An order for a piece of clothing can also be accepted

It is absolutely a benefit for small enterprises and manufacturers to order one piece. After all, the customization cost is greatly reduced, and the cost is much lower than that of screen printing and other printing processes. Moreover, the printing process of digital printing is simpler, just like a printer. Printing is fast and convenient, and single printing can be realized.

2. Large-area printing

If the printing patterns with rich colors are printed with glue printing, they may have a bad handle, which affects the soft hand feel of the fabric itself. However, the digital direct-injection process does not have this problem, because the digital direct-injection process has a good hand feel, and the printing can reach the nanometer level, which will not affect its air permeability, and the printing color is also quite firm.

3. Three-dimensional printing effect

The pattern of digital direct jet printing on T-shirts is quite three-dimensional, which can be said to subvert the performance of the traditional printing process in the past. The presented details are richer and have a good display power. Compared with the ordinary printing process, it is more convenient and better to use. The 3D effect is strong, and the display effect of details is far better than that of screen printing. This is why the digital direct jet printing process has become more and more popular in recent years.

However, the digital direct jet printing process is not suitable for printing on dark T-shirts. Generally, digital direct jet printing has the best effect on white cotton t-shirts, which can completely meet the requirements of no hand feel and no color difference. The best color for T-shirts is white T-shirts.

Many companies choose to customize t-shirts for employees as work clothes. Some companies are more concerned about the performance of clothes than the patterns. But in fact, the pattern content of clothes can add a sense of pleasure to the daily work of employees. A good company will pay attention to the work image of employees. This also represents the corporate image, so when customizing t-shirts for work clothes, you can print some interesting words, which can not only delight the employees’ mood but also give the clothes a sense of design. Some companies choose to print words of encouragement for their employees. Clothes with a sense of design can not only attract attention but also add a bit of fun to employees’ busy daily work, improve the image of the company in the hearts of employees and shorten the sense of distance.

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