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Why Can’t Some DTG Printers Print High-definition Patterns?

Today, I’m here to answer the reason why the pure cotton DTG machine can’t print high-definition and good-looking pictures. Presumably, some customers with digital T-shirt printing machines must be wondering why the effect printed by others is so beautiful and clear, while the pattern they print is a fuzzy mess? Don’t worry. Now let’s analyze the problem for you.

Improper PS setting

Take PS (Photoshop) for example. When you take out a picture in PS, is it HD? HD here refers to that when you zoom in 250 to 300 times, you can clearly see the edges of the picture. If you can’t, it means that your pattern is not high-definition enough, and the effect printed by the cylinder printer is also blurred.

The mode is not set to CMYK mode

Is the graph you printed in CMYK mode? T-shirt direct injection machine can only recognize the color mode of CMYK format. If you don’t use CMYK color mode, the printed pattern will be blank, so it’s very important to choose the right mode.

 The original picture is not clear

There is a great connection between the high definition of the picture and the source of the picture. Generally, the source of the picture is mostly found on the Internet, but the pixels of many pictures on the Internet are not high and the quality is poor, which leads to the image printed by our DTG T-shirt printing machine is not very clear, and the pictures found on the Internet cannot be adjusted up by PS software, so we must find the picture well, not too casual.

The resolution is not modified

We can modify the image pulled into PS software in image canvas size resolution. Modifying the resolution while modifying the image size can appropriately enhance the clarity of the image! The resolution of digital T-shirt printing machine image is very important, high resolution can make a good picture. If you just print with a picture, it must be difficult to make a good effect!

If used properly, the DTG printer can print very high-definition patterns, and its process is very environmentally friendly. DTG T-shirt printer belongs to anhydrous printing. From the previous treatment to printing, and finally color fixing, the whole process will not produce exhaust gas, and there is no liquid discharge, so it can truly achieve anhydrous environmental protection printing. In addition, the DTG printing machine also has very low energy consumption, and the power of the machine does not exceed 1000W. Although the power consumption of the color fixing equipment is slightly higher, it does not need to be turned on all day, such as an industrial-grade color fixing oven, a machine prints clothes one day, The oven only needs an hour to fix the color. The consumables of the DTG T-shirt direct injection machine include ink and fore treatment liquid. These two consumables have a very high safety level, which can directly contact the skin without causing any discomfort. Moreover, at present, some large-scale paint ink manufacturers in the market have passed the testing of European and American high standards and can be used safely.

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