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What You Need to Know from DTF Printing Technology to Custom Employee Uniform

DTF technology

Enterprises can keep their employees’ spirits up and push forward the development of business culture through garment customization. In some large-scale companies, they will customize clothes for employees to inspire their workers and enhance team awareness. In fact, many enterprises are very keen on this, which can not only strengthen the internal cohesion of the enterprise but also have a positive impact on the brand of the enterprise.

Imagine a company using DTF technology to print employee uniforms that are exclusive to their company image. The clothes are printed with fashionable patterns and powerful advertising words, so when customers visit the company, they will be attracted by this spirit of unity and positive progress. When the company goes out to do League-building activities, it must be very eye-catching, which is good publicity for the company’s image.

Compared with enterprises of the same level and type, if employees of a company wear corporate culture shirts, and one does not, as an outsider of a company, which company will be impressed by the two companies? If an external company that is interested in cooperation sees these two companies, which one do you think is more reliable and professional? If an enterprise pays so much attention to the cultivation and construction of internal culture, it can be imagined that they will not be bad in their professional fields.

 How should the enterprise’s clothing customization be carried out?

As far as the current situation is concerned, clothing customization can’t be taken away just like we buy clothes in exclusive stores. So in the process of clothing customization, we need to figure out what basic common sense can we customize clothes to our satisfaction?

1. Find a reliable online clothing customization enterprise. Such enterprises have new models of DTF transfer machines. At the same time, they have all kinds of T-shirts and shirts to choose from, and there will be no phenomenon of the incomplete size of clothes. They will prepare corresponding clothes according to the number reported by the company.

2. Secondly, when customizing employees’ clothing, enterprises need to choose the color and fabric modeling of clothing according to the company’s image. If the corporate logo is mainly in light color, you should choose a dark bottom shirt. Fabric selection should be comfortable and generous. The company has prepared samples of patterns and slogans to be printed. The clothing customization company will make one or two samples for customers to choose from after receiving the patterns. DTF printing technology can restore the set patterns to a high extent, with bright colors, high color fastness, and washable clothes.

3. DTF technology can not only handle small batch orders but also print employee clothing for large enterprises with hundreds of employees. The operation process is simple, and the pattern and slogan style can be adjusted at any time on the computer. This technology can uniformly make the same staff clothes, and can also make different styles of clothes in batches.

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