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What Should I Do If DTF Film Printer Doesn’t Work ?

This century has seen a boom in digital printing and DTF film Printer becomes the priority for many SMES supplies, for its cheaper prices, low labor cost and relatively easy working steps. What Should I Do If DTF Printer Doesn’t Work ?Many factors contribute to failure to work normally. This artiacle will teach you many skills into account while machine doesn’t work. Many people have no idea when they encounter these problems. Here are some advice for you to deal with the easy problem so that you don’t need to buy a new one or waiting for maintenance workers.

Tips on Restarting DTF Film Printer

When something goes wrong, restarting the machine is the first thing that comes to mind for most people. Indeed, although it’s a cliche method, restarting is a feasible and practicable solution to solve problems. Before you restart the DTF film printer, you have to folow some rules, because nothing can be accomplished without norms. Here are some precautions to restart DTF printing machine. Firstly, you should clean the dust and other things on the printer. Secondly, you need to check the printhead, residual ink in the cartridges and ink pipeline, after inspecting the exterior appearance. Thirdly, make sure the plug and data wires are intact. When open the computer, you need to check the connection between computer and machine. Fourthly, if the screen works well, you need to check whether the printhead can work normally by using test paper. You can rinse the printhead to prevent the printhead from clogging. Sometimes, the clogging is severely, you have to clean the printhead by hand. Finally, turn on the laptop and printer to operate.

DTF Printhead

Tips on Printhead Maintenance

Printing quality is the thing that your clients care most. Sometimes, if you print without debugging, you are probably have stripes of the printed films because of poor output.
1. The quality of printed images probably are depended on the ink and bad ink will shorten the service life of printhead. It’s better to use original ink.
2. You had better put the ink cartridge into the cassette to avoid ink blocks. Sometimes, the color omission and gap between images may be also caused by printhead clogging.
3. Printhead is the most vital part of the whole machine, you need to take care and avoid collision and shaking. Working environment is also very important, the dust in the air will block the printhead because its nozzle is tiny and delicate.
4. Choose the original ink cartridge that ensures good quality, while poor quality ink cartridge will also lead
to blocking and weaken the printing quality.

DTF Printer

Tips on Avoiding Vertical Lines in DTF Printing

Vertical lines is one of the common phenomena that appear in DTF film Printing. Sometimes some strips appear in the PET film and colors mix into each other. When you meet this problem, what should I do?
1. Check you height between encode senor and DTF T-shirt printer emcoder strip and the best distance is 1mm-
1.5mm from sensor.
2. Wipe the vertical lines inside and outside the coding strip with medical cotton dipped in pure water.3. If the above two conditions are invalid, you can try plug in the print head data cable, frame board and
motherboard cable of 60cm DTF printer again.

4. If the above three conditions are invalid, you can change the main board or trolley of DTF printer.

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