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What is the Difference Between DTF Printer and UV Flat-panel Printer?

DTF printer is commonly known as clothing printing machine, T-shirt heat transfer printer, clothing printer, white ink hot stamping printer, and a series of other terms. As the name suggests, it is a machine that directly prints on PET film, then heats hot melt powder, and then hot stamping on clothing! Pay attention to all kinds of fabrics!

UV flat-panel printer, as its name suggests, is a device that prints materials lying on their backs. It needs to put materials on the plane of the machine, and then directly print patterns on materials through the printer, mainly focusing on plates.

So what is the difference between them? Let’s explore it in detail.

DTF printer printed on PET film and then transfer it on clothing fabric.

I.What are the characteristics of a DTF printer

  1. DTF printer is economical, light, and transportable. Small land occupation, no large space required
  2. The investment in the DTF printer is small, and the machine is only 20000-30000 yuan. There is no need for a large factory site. It can be placed at home, with at most one store
  3. DTF printer prints mostly with water-based ink, and the printing cost is very low
  4. DTF printer can print any cloth (cloth of any color, cloth of any material can be printed)
  5. DTF printer belongs to the category of coiled material machine, which can print very long (infinitely long patterns) with certain restrictions on the width. It can be printed with a width of 30-70cm
  6. DTF printer is waterproof because the garment printing pattern itself needs to be washable
  7. DTF printer nozzle is basically an Epson nozzle, which is either a ten-generation nozzle or a 4720 nozzle with a relatively high configuration.
  8. The speed of the DTF printer is not very fast, because it is the nozzle of Epson, and the speed is 5-20 square meters per hour

The above points are the features of the DTF printer, for reference only!

II.Then what are the characteristics of the flat-panel printer?

Let’s introduce the characteristics of the UV flat-panel printer!

  1. Flat-panel printer belongs to a digital color printer or UV printer. UV flat-panel printer has strong functionality and can print all flat materials
  2. The investment in the flat-panel printers is larger than that of wall printers, ranging from 50000 to 1000000, with different sizes, models, and sizes
  3. The flat-panel printer needs space. The machine is relatively large and cannot be moved
  4. The products printed by the flat-panel printer are relatively high-end, such as home decoration, advertising, building materials, digital color printing products, etc
  5. Flat-panel printers do not have high environmental requirements. After all, they are placed in factories or stores
  6. The tablet printer needs one or two people to operate without handling
  7. The products produced by flat-panel printers will last for 5-8 years outdoors and 20-30 years indoors
  8. Some products printed by tablet printers need treatment post-process
  9. Tablet printers need supporting equipment when making products
  10. Flat-panel printers use many nozzles, including Epson nozzle, Seiko nozzle, Ricoh nozzle, Toshiba nozzle, etc.

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