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what is direct printing?

DTF Printer

what is direct printing? The greatest benefit of the DTF Tees Publishing Maker is that it is not limited by the set dimension, as well as likewise publishes one thing at once, as well as it will not raise the single-piece price due to the little set dimension. The complexity of the pattern is excluded to any type of type of constraint, the full-color slope shade can be printed simultaneously, as well as the equipment promptly matches shades. At the same time, any kind of textile material can be published on T-shirts, hoodies, hats, canvas bags, pillows, canvas shoes, and more.

what is direct printing? The printing effect of the DTF T-Shirts Publishing Device is realistic, the shades are great, as well as likewise it can get to photo-level precision, and the printing resolution of the tool is as high as 2880DPI. The pattern is water resistant, the color fastness is 3-4, and also the shade is not discolored by cleaning powder, soap, hand cleaning, in addition to equipment washing. The pattern is UV-resistant as well as also does not discolor. The procedure is simple, anybody who acknowledges uncomplicated computer system treatments can easily realize it. Conserve labor prices. The entire procedure is green, does not create air pollution, and is secure for the ambience. Next off, I will definitely present exactly how to upgrade and also keep the DTF T-Shirts Printing Equipment in everyday usage.

Usual failings of ink tank consist of no ink or light writing. The reason is that as a result of the high working temperature degree of the ink storage tank, the ink goes out, or the driver fills up the ink tank with various types of ink, and also the different sorts of ink have an interactive reaction. For the ink container falling short, the ink tank requires to be washed as well as also altered with new ink.

what is direct printing

Additionally, the print head must be cleaned up whenever a new ink container is installed. Do not put the brand-new ink container in straight sunshine as well as likewise dirty places. The storage space temperature level have to be 10 ℃ -35 ℃ to stay free from ink cold as well as also modifications. Given that the smaller, the nozzle of the inkjet printer, the greater the resolution. At the same time, the smaller sized dimension of the nozzle, the higher the demand for ink excellent quality. The ink provided by the manufacturer requires to be used as much as possible, along with substandard ink, must not be picked.

Overhaul of the cleaning as well as a securing tool of the print head

The cleansing as well as likewise protecting device for the print head is a vital element of the print head. Particularly, the cleansing, in addition to sealing gizmo for dividing the print head, is harder. The whole device is set up at the rightmost end of the print head relocating slide rail, which is the safety setting or initial position of the print head. The device is composed of a scraper, a wiper, as well as also a guard with an aspirator. The device usually finishes the 4 activities of “damaging, cleaning, covering, along with sucking” to preserve the print head and guarantee its typical procedure.

Third, the inkjet head cleansing system failing

Under regular scenarios, after the inkjet printer is turned on, the inkjet head is driven by the carriage and additionally moves to the nozzle cleansing tool to apply the computerized nozzle cleaning treatment. The ink suction device in the inkjet head cleaning system begins to absorb ink along with clean the nozzles, in addition to the cleaning ends. Later, the nozzle is secured by the securing rubber on the nozzle framework to make sure the tidiness of the inkjet head. When the inkjet head cleansing system falls short, the nozzle slips up throughout the cleansing process.

The work environment and also the temperature degree of the setting are really important to the DTF Tee Shirts Printing Device. If the temperature is as well low, the DTF Tee shirts Publishing Device will certainly experience oblique splashing, flying ink, as well as fictional printing. Due to the dry and also great setting in some places, there will be some troubles with DTF T-Shirts Publishing Maker.

Typically, DTF T-Shirts Printing Machine needs to release an examination strip prior to rebooting job. When the private locates that the examination strip photo is fictional, he can make use of an electrical heating fan or a hairdryer to heat up the nozzle to stop such problems when the DTF T-Shirts Printing Machine is working.

Before utilizing DTF Tees Publishing Maker, customers must trigger the ac unit or electric residence heating fan in advance to heat up the office of the DTF T-Shirts Publishing Maker. The excellent working trouble, which not just enhances task efficiency but also publishes very well.

It is basic to develop static electric power in the winter season. Extreme fixed power will certainly boost the task loss of the digital printing machine as well as influence the life of the print head. You can reduce static power according to sticking to three pointers:
The consumer can utilize a humidifier to increase the air wetness. The moisture should certainly be maintained 35% -65%. The humidifier should be prevented the board of the electronic printing press to remain free from condensation of water beads and also short-circuit the board.
The electronic printing machine is linked to a ground wire as well as concealed in the ground with a deepness of not less than 2 meters. Deep sea can likewise be poured into the hidden area to boost conductivity.
Keep in mind of managing the printing speed to prevent severe set electrical power.
Dirt can promptly block the nozzles in addition to trigger the released photo to be divided. It is required to cleanse the nozzles regularly to prevent dirt from blocking the nozzle openings.
Too lowered temperature level will certainly furthermore change the viscosity of Tees printer inks, particularly low quality inks. In winter season, the thickness of the ink will certainly boost, blocking the nozzles along with producing oblique spraying in addition to ink damage, which will definitely impact the life of the nozzles.
Preventative measures for printing devices to begin as well as also stop
what is direct printing? the printer is switched on daily as well as likewise examined for inkjet. If there are other sensations as well as additionally broke needles, the nozzle should certainly be cleaned till the nozzle is typical to make sure the degree of level of smoothness of the pipeline in addition to the dampness of the nozzle. Little shade spots of each shade can be published if troubles enable.
Quit the printer for 3-5 days, do away with the print head in the closure state, drip unique cleansing fluid on the ink stack, clamp the waste ink tube with a prolonged tail clip, and also later relocate the print head to the ink stack along with assurance that the print head as well as the ink stack The airtightness in between the spaces is undamaged.
The printer has been shut down for more than 5 days. Please alter the ink cartridge with a special cleansing liquid at the end of printing to guarantee that the ink training course and nozzles are tidied up.
The strategy of increasing the temperature of the ink to improve the fluidness of the ink, there are 2 thorough approaches: ink cartridge house heating technique, include a temperature level control gadget to the second ink cartridge. Enhancing the temperature level can promptly boost the fluidity of the ink, however the thickness of the ink will certainly not reduce swiftly as a result of the surge in temperature level.

what is direct printing

The element is that due to the high working temperature of the ink storage tank, the ink runs out, or the motorist loads the ink container with different kinds of ink, as well as also the various kinds of ink have an interactive response. For ink container failure, the ink storage tank must be cleaned as well as also replaced with new ink.

In the winter season, the viscosity of the ink will definitely raise, obstructing the nozzles and also creating oblique spilling as well as additionally ink damage, which will definitely affect the life of the nozzles.

Please replace the ink cartridge with an one-of-a-kind cleansing liquid at the end of releasing to ensure that the ink course, in addition to nozzles, are cleaned up.

The approach of boosting the temperature degree of the ink to improve the fluidity of the ink, there are 2 thorough techniques: ink cartridge home heating method, add a temperature level control gadget to the added ink cartridge.

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