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What Factors Affect the Accuracy and Speed of UV Flat Panel Printers?

Generally speaking, for the purchase of equipment such as large-scale UV flat-panel printers, everyone will be cautious. It is a long process from negotiating with the seller to determining the purchase. Selecting a qualified UV flat-panel printer is particularly important. The important indicators of UV flat-panel printers are mainly reflected in three points: stability, accuracy, and speed. So, what factors will affect these three indicators?

1. Stability of UV flat-panel printers

The prices of mainstream UV flat-panel printers in the market range from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands according to different models. UV machine runs for a long time in the production process, and even overload occurs. Therefore, stability is very important. The main influencing factors are the firmness of the steel frame structure, the stability of the guide rail, the physical accuracy of the printing platform, and the ink system of the nozzle. And the quality of the motor fan and other equipment in the motherboard system.

2. Accuracy of UV flat-panel printer

This is an important indicator of a UV printer. The accuracy of the machine directly affects whether the products produced can meet the printing requirements of customers. UV printing products need high restoration and no color difference. This requires the high accuracy of the machine. The main factors affecting the accuracy of the machine are the quality of the nozzle, the smoothness of the ink system, the guide rail and color difference, and the stability of the platform.

3. UV flat-panel printer speed

For production machines, speed is competitiveness. When other indicators are similar, the speed determines the production capacity of the enterprise. The main influencing factors are nozzle quality, ink system fluency, and machine reaction speed.

Generally speaking, selecting a good UV flat-panel printer requires comprehensive consideration of many aspects, such as field investigation of the manufacturer’s R & D strength, understanding and operation test of machine parts in the workshop, and sample printing to test the accuracy and speed of the machine. These steps cannot be omitted. Only in this way can we choose a high-quality UV flat-panel printer.

When inspecting UV printer manufacturers, all aspects of manufacturer information are very important. Choosing manufacturers with large comprehensive strength is certainly more reassuring than small manufacturers and agents. You can query the enterprise registration information, whether it is the manufacturer, etc. through the field visit to the factory, you can understand the scale and strength of the UV printer manufacturer, focusing on the technical R & D strength, and you can see the type of models produced by the manufacturer.

To inspect the performance of UV printer equipment, it is necessary to check the measurement on the spot. Generally, manufacturers provide free proofing, which can show the printing speed, printing effect, equipment stability, and equipment operation on the spot. It is necessary to inspect and compare the performance of the equipment within the scope of their own requirements so that the appropriate UV printer can always be selected. You can also examine the use of the manufacturer’s equipment by customers.

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