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What Causes the Printing Effect of the Same UV Printer to Be Different

With the same nozzle and hardware configuration, why do some UV printers print blurred patterns and some are very high-definition?

  1. Curve

The curve is the most important part of  UV printer color software, which plays the role in overcompensation, accurate point-to-point injection, color calibration, ink volume, and so on. This is why the effect printed by two machines of the same manufacturer, the same UV printer, and the same nozzle is different in color, which requires curve adjustment. Especially for the gray level, it is almost impossible to print standard gray without curve adjustment.

  1. Waveform

There is a fixed waveform inside each nozzle chip, which directly affects the ink output strength, ignition frequency, ink jet point, etc. it is equivalent to the basic origin. If the nozzle waveform is not adjusted properly, the corresponding software waveform will appear problems such as ink breaking, rough, oblique spray, etc., and how to repair it before the waveform is not adjusted well, which will most seriously affect the failure of the whole nozzle channel to produce ink. The waveform is also divided into large points, midpoints, small points, single points, changing points, etc. Different inkjet requirements correspond to different points, and different ink jet points also have special waveforms. Therefore, if the above problems occur, the first is that the waveform is not adjusted well or the waveform is not equipped with software and ink.

  1. Machine installation

It mainly refers to the debugging and material matching of the assembly personnel, including the straight-line level of the beam, the flatness and straight-line level of the x-axis, the flatness and straight-line level of the y-axis, the levelness of the nozzle base plate, the levelness of the nozzle installation, the overall levelness of the vertical and horizontal printing platform, and the material selection and matching are also very important. These will affect the printing effect and accuracy of the UV printer. The finer the pattern, the higher the machine assembly requirements, The overall deviation shall not exceed 0.03mm.

  1. Ink

Different ink manufacturers have different UV ink formulas. Some ink is light, some are thick, some are blue, some are red, some have more solvents, some have strong adhesion, etc. the corresponding waveforms and curves of different inks need to be adjusted, so it is not recommended to often replace inks of different brands, because manufacturers generally repeatedly test the matching degree of inks with their own machines, and do not simply take the ink price as the first factor, We need to consider the fluency, adhesion, taste, and color of the ink. These all need constant adjustment and testing to match their own machine. The most direct way to change the ink rashly is to block the nozzle. In fact, it is not really blocking the nozzle, because the replaced ink does not match the waveform curve of the machine you are currently using.

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