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What Can A Small UV Printer Do?

Many people have known UV printers. It can print patterns on various kinds of flat material. so some may ask “is the function of a small UV printer the same as that of a large UV printer?” The answer is, yes, the function is the same. What products can small UV printers print?

  1. Materials:

Ceramic tile, glass, metal, acrylic, wood, PVC, PC, PP, PS board, marble, stone, plastic, leather, canvas, and other flat materials can be used.

  1. Industries:

Decoration: the small UV printer can print high-precision pictures on various materials such as ceramic tiles, marble, aluminum-plastic board, wood board, and even walls, providing rich and colorful content and creativity for home decoration or store decoration.

Advertising industry: small UV printers can work on metal signs, acrylic, glass, aluminum-plastic boards, two-color boards, PVC boards, KT boards, wood boards, and all kinds of plastic paper, so they have a wide range of applications in the production of outdoor advertisements, road signs, monograms.

Products with images: small UV printers can be used to print digital images on materials. They will creatively combine the style of images with articles. In this way, the traditional decoration method of putting photos between glass and a hard board, and then fixing them in the image frame is outmoded.

1) Print images on metal, plastic, wood, cardboard, glass, ceramic, and other plates;

2) Print high-temperature permanent images on glass and ceramic plates;

3) Print images on various plastic paper, leaves, bark, and other materials.

Gift industry: small UV printer will print auspicious patterns, blessing words, and images of you or the other party on your gift package, which can not only fully express your mood, but also surprise the other party and remember you. Why not?

Handicraft Market: small UV printer printing, such as woodworking carving process, glass process, manual embroidery, straw painting, stickers, etc., these processes need to draw the outline manually before making, and some of them need to draw exquisite patterns manually before making. Now, as long as you have digital patterns, as long as you have patterns you can get (it includes patterns that can be taken by the camera or downloaded from the Internet), You can output it to any plane, which is much better than manual drawing.

Personalized service market: small UV printers can print personalized patterns on mobile phones, laptops, various hats, backpacks, satchels, handbags, etc. in this project, the income may be the highest, because it is facing end consumers, and it is customers who let service providers print. There will be risks in market development, but if it is done well, the profit will be very high.

Enterprises or institutions: road signs and monograms; Print hard account cover; Print uniforms, T-Shirts, handbags; Print blackboard newspaper on the wall, print various rules and regulations, print business operating procedures, print notices or notices, and print advertising calligraphy and paintings; Print calligraphy and paintings, images, plaques, etc. on hardboard or glass.

  1. Extended application:

1) Small UV printer can print bronzing products: short for the bronzing printer, bronzing small UV printer, etc. the principle is that the small UV printer first prints on the product, and then overlays with bronzing paper, forming a high-end bronzing process.

2)  UV DTF sticker: a great function of a small UV printer is to print Logo stickers, so it is also called a UV DTF sticker printer. The new technology solves the problem of poor printing of special-shaped products in the industry, which is convenient, fast, mass production, etc.

3) Cylinder products: small UV printers can print cylinders, such as wine bottles, thermos cups, glasses, and other cylinder products, which are convenient and customized

From the above, we can know that the function of a small UV printer is very powerful.

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