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What are the Precautions for Choosing a Digital Printing Machine

Due to people’s personalized demand for clothing, the field of textiles and clothing fabrics also tends to be personalized and comfortable. Digital printing technology is becoming more and more popular by virtue of its rich and varied printing, high precision, no plate making, flexible batch, green and environmental protection, small footprint, and other advantages. However, how to choose a suitable textile digital printing machine has become a new problem.

Transfer or direct injection

The selection of the printing process directly determines the type of digital printing machine. For garment fabric printing, whether to choose a transfer printing process or a direct spray process plays a directional role in the selection of a digital printing machine. The investment in heat sublimation transfer, which is a common method in the heat transfer process, is small, but the applicable fabrics are limited. It is mainly applicable to chemical fiber fabrics. However, the direct injection process generally requires such links as fabric sizing, steaming, washing, etc., which is relatively large in investment. However, the fabric is applicable to a wide range of fabric types, such as polyester, nylon, cotton, hemp, and so on.

There is much learning in ink.

There are generally three choices of printing ink:

First is the choice of printing ink color. Four-color ink, six-color ink, and eight-color ink can be selected according to the needs of customers and the type of fabrics. Generally, the more ink color, the better the color saturation and color effect of printing, which also directly determines the color type of the printing machine. Vega series textile direct jet printing machines can well support four, six, and eight color effects.

The second is the type selection of printing ink. Printing inks generally include active ink, acid ink, disperse ink, paint ink, etc. Generally, the ink type shall be selected according to the material of the fabric, and the ink with good coloring and color performance shall be selected. Some merchants will provide different types of special inks for the whole series of models, effectively ensuring the compatible effect of the printing host and providing users with an integrated color management scheme.

Third, the choice of ink brand and model. Generally speaking, ink is developed for the brand and model of the nozzle. When selecting ink, pay attention to whether it is applicable to the nozzle model of the printer. In addition, the smoothness, brightness, fixation, and environmental protection of ink are all aspects to be considered in ink selection.

Nozzle becomes the core element

As the most important component and main consumable of the digital printing machine, the nozzle plays a decisive role in the selection of the digital printing machine. The type of nozzle determines the printing accuracy, ink jet volume, printing speed, production cost, etc. The type of printing fabric, cost estimation, production efficiency requirements, and other factors shall be comprehensively considered in the selection of nozzle. As the main consumables, the replacement cost and durability shall also be fully considered.

Fabric/printing accuracy

Enterprises can choose the equipment that can meet customers’ printing accuracy according to different fabrics and customers’ needs. Generally speaking, fabrics with fine and smooth fibers require high precision, such as silk, chiffon, etc; Fabrics with rough fibers have low requirements for accuracy, such as canvas, sweaters, etc.

When selecting printing accuracy, it is not that the higher the accuracy, the better, because accuracy and efficiency are two opposite factors. If the accuracy is required, the lower the efficiency.

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