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What Are the Advantages of Using DTG to Print Patterns on Clothes?

Digital printing has become the mainstream production mode in the Western printing industry. In terms of printing clothing patterns, the audience of DTG printing technology is increasing. More than 90% of European printing enterprises have adopted digital printing machines for proofing. So what are the advantages of DTG printing technology? Enterprises generally believe that a digital printing machine is an indispensable tool in the printing industry because of its fast response, low cost, and good consistency.

  1. The fast response speed of DTG printing technology

With its fast proofing ability, digital printing machine improves the response speed of enterprises to orders. Customers put forward higher requirements for printing enterprises in terms of cost, response speed, quality, and service. Whichever company takes out the samples first will be one step ahead and get the order. Improving the proofing speed will undoubtedly enable enterprises to win in the hands of many competitors. In today’s printing industry, where competition is becoming increasingly fierce, processing prices are falling, and profit margins are reduced, this technology can enable enterprises to lead printing companies.

  1. DTG printing technology reduces production costs

The use of digital printing machine proofing can replace some of the original proofing work that must be done on the round screen and flat-screen printing machines, without taking up machine time. Generally, a sample will take 3-4 hours for a machine. If the customer is not satisfied, it will be modified repeatedly, resulting in a great waste of the enterprise’s production capacity.

  1. DTG printing technology has a good proofing effect and a high customer recognition rate

Digital printing and traditional printing belong to different systems. Many professional and technical personnel worry that the proofing effect of digital printing machines is too good, and traditional printing can not achieve such an effect. In fact, this worry is unnecessary. At present, in order to solve this problem, China’s domestic companies have organized the best process personnel to conduct in-depth research and find out solutions. This scheme uses software to adjust the proofing effect of digital printing so that the traditional printing machine can achieve the proofing effect in production. From the perspective of color, because the color gamut of the traditional printing paste is wider than that of the digital printing ink, the color effect produced by the digital printing machine can also be completely simulated by the traditional paste. However, some companies use imported raw materials, which fundamentally ensures fresh color, high fastness, green and environmental protection, and conforms to European and American international standards; High-quality equipment and advanced color management system eliminate color instability in digital printing and reduce the defective rate of products to the greatest extent.

  1. DTG printing technology can be used to produce a single commodity or batch products

Among the customer samples, if it is a paper or electronic sample, it can be proofed directly with a digital printing machine after color separation. The traditional printing machine needs to complete mass production according to the proofing effect. Compared with traditional printing and dyeing technology, DTG printing is more flexible. It can handle small batch orders, and even customize the goods for customers.

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