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DTF Transfer Printing

If you’re looking for a quick way to produce a high-quality shirt or t-shirt, DTF transfer printing may be the perfect solution. This type of printing is suitable for virtually any type of cloth, so it’s not limited to one-color poly or light cotton. But it can also be used for mixed materials, like denim and canvas. Read on to learn more about DTF transfer printing.

DTF transfer printing is a flexible method of garment decoration, as the process does not require any pre-treatment. It also reduces the cost of printing on a variety of different fabrics. While DTG transfers are often limited by the secure mounting of items under the print heads, DTF transfers can be printed on a wide variety of fabrics. Because DTF transfer printing is so versatile, it is a great choice for decoration.

DTF transfers the image from a PET film onto a fabric surface with a heat press. The heat press creates a strong adhesion between the film and the fabric. This process, called curing, typically takes 15 to 20 seconds. The heat press also creates a clear layer between the printed material and the fabric. This layer will be able to be peeled off easily when the fabric reaches room temperature.

DTF transfer printing uses PET film, which is a bit thinner than other film types. This film is more transparent than others, and is great for full-color transfer printing. Another benefit of DTF transfer printing is that it is often a faster process than DTG. It also requires less manpower than DTG printing, which is a major benefit. But before you invest in a DTF transfer printing machine, read the following paragraphs and learn more about this technology.

Unlike traditional methods, DTF transfers work with many types of fabric. PET films can be used for small-scale printing, while roll-sized films are used for larger-scale printing. They can be used on almost any type of cloth, and the white ink layer is an excellent foundation for primary colors. And unlike other types of fabric printing, DTF is flexible, allowing for a wide variety of applications. Its high-quality printing can be used on a wide variety of materials, from canvas to silk and rayon.

The best part about DTF transfer printing is its simplicity. While it may be more complicated than other types of printing, DTF transfer is not as complicated to operate. Smaller companies can divide tasks between multiple employees. One employee can handle the printing itself, while others can cut or press the transfers. The DTF process doesn’t require a huge amount of training, which makes it ideal for small companies with limited resources. And as with other forms of heat transfer and sublimation, it’s easy to use and maintain.

If you already own an apparel printing business, the STS Inks DTF System may be the perfect solution. It will help you start and scale your apparel business. If you’re already running a digital wide format print shop, you can use the DTF system to create high-quality apparel products. The STS Inks DTF System is specifically designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized printers.