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UV Printer Ricoh Nozzle—G5, G6 Nozzle Parameters Introduction

UV printer Ricoh G5 nozzle is recognized as a good application in recent years, and Ricoh G6 nozzle is hotly discussed this year. Today, let’s briefly introduce the Ricoh G5 nozzle and Ricoh G6 nozzle Ricoh G5 nozzle is just one model, Ricoh G6 nozzle MH5320, MH5340. MH5320 is a two-channel nozzle, while MH5340 is a four-way nozzle. The appearance size and shape are the same. Ricoh G6 nozzle has a service life of 3-5 years, and the market price is over 20000 yuan, which should be reduced in the future.

Introduction to Ricoh G6 nozzle parameters:

Product composition MH5320 (one head, two colors) MH5340 (one head, four colors) MH5320 20c (length: 195mm)  MH5320 45C (length: 453mm)

One color is used: 150dpi × 4 columns / color → 600dpi

Using 2 colors: 150dpi × 2 columns / color → 300dpi

4 colors: 150dpi × 1 column / color → 150dpi

Ricoh MH5320/5340 nozzle product positioning spray flow = the number of nozzles × Number of spray holes × Frequency, gen6- MH5320/5340 nozzle is mainly for industrial high-speed UV printing.

Three characteristics of UV printer Ricoh MH5320/5340 nozzle

(1) high productivity → increase the ink output per unit time MH5420 single-level gray printing mode: 30kHz multi-level gray printing mode: 20KHz MH5320 multi-level printing gray: 50KHz equivalent resolution mode, half the time is saved example: 600x1200dpi mapping car scanning speed pass number mh5320 scheme 1.5m/s 35.4khz 4 (x1; Y4) MH5420 scheme 1.4m/s 17khz 8 (x2; Y4) increase the frequency and reduce the pass number, Achieve the same drawing quality. Reduce the requirements for trolley speed improvement and reduce the difficulty of trolley control design.

(2) Fantastic accuracy supports multi-level gray-scale printing: if you provide an optimized visual experience for different application scenarios, choose droplet printing; For a long-term perspective, choose big drop printing; For daily use, mix large, medium, and small drops.

(3) Brillant ink compatibility MH5420/5440 ︓ UV/ solvent

MH5421/5441 ︓ water-based

Ricoh G6 nozzle

It was released by the Ricoh nozzle company in Japan. Once it came out, it attracted the attention of the industry. In 2020, the UV printer market is destined to move forward under the guidance of the Ricoh G6 nozzle. The basic parameters of the G6 nozzle always seem to give people a feeling of emptiness, and there is no difference. Use the same printer 2513 equipped with Ricoh G6 nozzle and G5 nozzle respectively to conduct a field printing test. From the above table, it can be seen that the Ricoh G6 nozzle prints much faster than the G5 nozzle per hour, and G6 can print more materials and create greater profits at the same time.

UV printer Ricoh G6 nozzle can reach a maximum of 50KHz, meeting the needs of high-speed; Compared with the current Ricoh G5 model on the market, the speed is increased by 30%, which can quickly improve the efficiency of the printer. Its minimized 5pl droplet size and improved spray accuracy can produce excellent print quality without particle feeling, further improve the drop point accuracy, and realize small particle feeling and high-precision printing. In addition, when large ink droplets are sprayed, it can also improve the printing speed and production efficiency through the highest driving frequency of 50KHz.

The printing accuracy is industry-leading, up to 5pl, which is suitable for high-definition printing at 600dpi, compared with 7pl of G5, The printed image quality will also be more refined. For the flat-panel printer nozzle, Ricoh G6 industrial nozzle is undoubtedly more widely used in the industry than the Toshiba nozzle in the current market, and the Ricoh G6 nozzle is also an upgraded version of the Ricoh G5, a brother of Ricoh. There are three types of Ricoh G6 nozzle, namely gen6 Ricoh MH5320 (one two-color), gen6 Ricoh MH5340 (one four-color), and Gen6 Ricoh MH5360 (one six-color). Its biggest characteristics are high speed, high precision, and high production capacity, especially in terms of high precision, words that can be printed with 0.1mm can also be clearly visible.

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