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What Determines the Number of UV Printer Nozzles

The number of UV printer nozzles is mainly determined by the following four factors: nozzle characteristics, color requirements, manufacturer’s technical level, and process requirements.

Characteristics of nozzle:

Different nozzle characteristics are different. Some nozzles can produce eight colors per head (Epson five generation nozzle), some nozzles can produce one color per head (Seiko GS508 nozzle), and some nozzles can produce two colors per head (Ricoh 5 nozzle). Then according to the standard four color requirements, one UV printer of Epson nozzle is enough, four Seiko GS508 nozzles, and two Ricoh 5 nozzles.


In addition to the basic four colors, there are six colors, eight colors, nine colors, and the higher ten colors, so the corresponding number of nozzles is quite different. Take the GS508 nozzle as an example: four color nozzles, six color nozzles, etc.

The technical level of the manufacturer

This influence is very big. Some manufacturers can make six-color equipment, some manufacturers can make eight-color equipment, and some manufacturers can make nine-color equipment. When choosing a UV printer, you must know the situation in advance to avoid buying a four-color UV printer in the early stage and upgrading it in the later stage.

Process requirements

It mainly refers to whether a relief effect is required for printing patterns. If necessary, a nozzle is required to print white ink. Whether it is necessary to print varnish. If necessary, an additional nozzle is also required. Whether a faster printing mode is needed, such as double four-color, double six-color, etc.

These four factors directly affect the number of UV printer nozzles. Of course, in the specific selection, the equipment must meet the requirements of its own capital budget, material printing speed, printing quality, as well as the corresponding consumables cost, after-sales maintenance cost, and other factors. The word-of-mouth of UV printer enterprises is also crucial. It is easier to choose a suitable UV printer by understanding and comparing with many parties.

Common solutions to nozzle blockage:
  1. Using high-quality cleaning fluid can make the image printed by UV printer have high color restoration and better protect the nozzle; It is not easy to break the ink and block the nozzle. Maintain better smoothness on the ink supply pipeline. It is better to use the cleaning solution provided by the manufacturer, and the quality is guaranteed.
  2. Use products designated by the manufacturer and qualified products to clean the nozzle. If the blockage is serious and ultrasonic cleaning is required, the maximum cleaning time is 3 minutes.
  3. Turn off the power switch and cut off the main power supply before disassembling and cleaning the nozzle. No matter replacing or fine-tuning the nozzle, do not use brute force. Please treat the nozzle carefully according to the specifications.
 Some tips on detergent
  1. Components of cleaning solution: on the bottle package, the manufacturer will indicate that it is an industrial UV printer cleaning solution, solvent-based cleaning solution, water-based cleaning solution, and other different components. Select the appropriate cleaning solution according to the ink condition of the equipment.
  2. Shelf life of cleaning solution: the shelf life of the cleaning solution is 24 months. If it is too long, there will be more impurities in the cleaning solution, so it is recommended not to use it.

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