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Using DTG Printing Technology to Handle Orders on Demand

In traditional printing media, paper and fabrics are two very different printing materials. However, as more mature digital technology enters the textile printing market, it is expected to completely change the cognition of printing companies, especially with the rise of DTG (clothing direct printing) solutions. This has opened up a new profit opportunity for traditional business printing service providers. The improvement of DTG devices provides excellent opportunities for fabric printing companies to enter the new business field.

DTG uses printing technology to directly print digital patterns on natural or mixed fibers, which is suitable for fabrics or fabrics composed of cotton and polysaccharides. Before the emergence of DTG devices, a large number of orders usually depend on screen printing. And the printing of small orders or personalized clothing within 500 pieces is not appropriate, and the emergence of DTG technology meets this market demand. The prosperity of the DIY personalized clothing customization market will definitely promote DTG printing technology to occupy more market share.

When receiving a clothing printing order, fabric printing enterprises can adopt both screen printing and heating technology. For common fabrics, if it is a natural fiber, it is best to choose silk printing technology when printing to achieve colorful color. Printing; if it is polyester fiber, you need to choose a strong sublimation technology with strong adhesion, and then the corresponding equipment needs to invest in multiple investments based on fabric printing to better serve the new needs of customers. When having DTG technology and equipment, fabric printing companies are completely non -refused the required orders. With such unique features, DTG technology is very matched with the e-commerce sales model. The opening of the store online can already meet consumers worldwide by uploading design drafts anytime, anywhere, and the design draft uploaded by the fabric customized fabrics customized by customers can be perfectly presented in the corresponding position in a four-color printing method.

DTG technology is most suitable for marketing promotion. From a business perspective, clothing printing companies that have adopted this technology have received great investment returns, and this investment is very affordable throughout the process.

At the same time, this printing model greatly meets the requirements of customers’ requirements for personalized printing products. Merchants are more flexible to accept orders. They can freely accept orders from all over the country. There are no regional restrictions, and customer sources are guaranteed. DTG technology gives SMEs a chance to start a business.

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