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The Wonderful Use of UV DTF Technology in Daily Life

UV DTF stickers are crystal clear, so they are named. UV DTF stickers can be presented transparently where there is no ink cover. They have a unique visual effect on the transparent bottle, which can effectively improve the intrinsic value of the product. It integrates high and new technology, excellent performance, and artistic taste, and is widely used for labels of wine, cosmetics, and other products. UV DTF stickers adopt UV printing and have excellent physical and chemical properties such as water resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, tear resistance, corrosion resistance, sun resistance, and oxidation resistance, which are superior to traditional self-adhesive label materials such as waterproof paper, coated paper and aluminized paper.

So, what are the uses of UV DTF stickers in life?

Brand promotion

First, it can be used for brand publicity. No matter what you want to give, such as water bottles, water cups, tea cans, mice, gift boxes, notebooks, etc., where you need to paste them, as long as the VI logo of the enterprise is pasted, it is a live advertisement. The gift-giving publicity is correct, and the high-end atmosphere is double face!

Personalized customization

Second, it can be used for personalized customization to customize the unique limited edition. Weddings, conferences, exhibitions, and competitions can be used. UV DTF stickers have the characteristics of waterproof, sun-resistant, and wear-resistant, which ordinary self-adhesives do not have. They can be widely used for prompt instructions at home and abroad, such as event indication signs, arrow guidance, etc. they can be pasted on a smooth surface and can be torn off after the end of the event. They are low-cost and easy to operate. The exclusive conference armband UV DTF stickers are obviously easy to distinguish. Another use of caution is for gifts and weddings. Of course, gifts for girlfriends should be full and unique. Sticking the exclusive UV DTF stickers will add points to the sense of ceremony.


Third, it is used for temporary marking reminders. If safety reminders or warm reminders are needed temporarily, just UV DTF stickers can be found immediately after pasting and tearing. It is beautiful and generous, showing a higher grade than paper self-adhesive.

At present, the well-known UV DTF stickers are mainly used in wine, cosmetics packaging, and other industries, but more applications have not been found. With the further promotion of UV DTF stickers, the applications of UV DTF stickers will cover all kinds of uses in all walks of life.

Advantages of UV DTF stickers

  1. the surface has strong three-dimensional sensitivity and elegant appearance, which can effectively improve the overall appearance and added value of the pasted items;
  2. it is scratch-resistant, abrasion-resistant, waterproof, and sunscreen. The longer it is pasted, the stronger the adhesion is, and the edge does not curl or fall off;
  3. it is easy and fast to use. It can be easily transferred by pasting and tearing without the help of any equipment and tools;
  4. there are many materials that can be transferred, including acrylic plates, PVC plates, KT plates, steel plates, iron plates, aluminum plates, glass, marble, and other materials;
  5. wide application range, applicable to all walks of life;
  6. there is no limit to the minimum order quantity. One can print, effectively reducing the cost of personalized customization

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