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The Merits of a DTG Printer

When selecting a DTG printer, there are several factors to consider. This type of printer requires less setup time than screen printing, but it does take longer per item. The main difference between screen and DTG printing is the amount of setup time needed per item. While screen printing takes longer to set up and process each design, it produces high-quality images quickly. One downside to DTG printing is the cost associated with it. Many DTG printers do not offer volume discounts.

The main benefits of DTG printing are speed, efficiency, and quality of output. High-speed machines are ideal for large production runs but are not the only option for increasing efficiency in the apparel business. Industrial-level machines can print four or five shirts at a time. However, if speed is not your primary goal, a mid-range, compact model is ideal. This type of printer is the best choice for smaller-scale businesses since it can be easily moved from one room to another.

In addition to t-shirts, DTG printers are suitable for a variety of other types of clothing. You can print on sweatshirts, hoodies, socks, and baby bodysuits. Cotton apparel absorbs ink well. A quality DTG printer can print on the most popular fabrics, including silk scarves, cotton pants, and t-shirts. A DTG printer can also print on stretch leggings, baby bodysuits, and even underwear.

In addition to the low setup time, DTG printers also offer high-quality prints. If you plan on selling your products online, DTG printing is the best option. With the same quality as screen printing, DTG can produce highly complex images. A DTG printer can also handle low-volume orders. It is not necessary to rent multiple rooms for multiple printing machines and printing equipment. You can even run small orders from home and eventually expand your business into a full-blown print shop.

When deciding on a DTG printer, you should consider the type of business you have. While high-end DTG machines are best suited for a high-volume shop, they may not be appropriate for small business owners. A lower-volume business might be better off buying a cheaper machine that will give you a higher ROI. Besides the convenience and ease of use, DTG printers are also environmentally friendly. They use printer solutions and refillable inks, so you can save money on printing supplies and ink.

A DTG printer requires a pretreatment step before printing. This step helps the colors adhere to the fabric better. If the fabric you are printing on is too tough, you can use a pretreatment spray. If you don’t have this pretreatment, you can purchase it at a local store. A high-quality DTG printer can produce bright colors and can make your business look professional. There are many different types of DTG printers, but they all require a pretreatment process.

A DTG printer can produce quality images on a variety of textiles. Some DTG printers are better than others for a given application. Choose a machine that suits the job you’re doing best. A high-quality model will have less waste and cost you less money. You’ll want to consider the price range, as well as the durability of the printhead. One thing to keep in mind is that DTG printers are expensive.

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