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The Main Reason Why the Heat Transfer Printing Machine Is Becoming More and More Popular in the Printing Industry

In today’s printing world, the printing machines used for garment printing are digital direct jet printing machines and roller heat transfer printing machines. The digital direct jet printing machine uses ink-jet printing technology to directly spray the ink onto the fabric, while the roller heat transfer printing machine uses heat and pressure to transfer the pattern onto the fabric by printing the pattern on the heat transfer printing paper.

Today, let’s talk about heat transfer printing. Heat transfer printing uses a heat transfer printing machine. Due to the heat and pressure of the image, the finished product will be stronger than silk screen printing, with more stable color fastness. At the same time, it has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, impact resistance, aging resistance, wear resistance, and can remain unchanged for a long time. Therefore, heat transfer printing technology is especially suitable for wind and water-resistant clothing (such as cycling clothes and swimwear), Especially on man-made fabric, it has bright color and high color fastness, which is beyond the reach of general printing technology.

With the continuous development of the commodity economy, in terms of clothing market demand, for the clothing printing industry, printing is not the traditional paper printing we knew decades ago. From our daily necessities to office appliances to products from all walks of life, such as telecommunications, decoration, technology, etc., we all need printing patterns with high color fastness, beautiful patterns, and bright colors, and most of these patterns are transferred by heat transfer printing machines. Therefore, in terms of the current market, there is a lot of room for the development of heat transfer printing machines.

The heat transfer printing machine can be applied not only to garment fabrics but also to garment accessories, such as zippers, ribbons, openwork, ribbons, etc. it not only has a large output but also has incomparable advantages compared with silk screen printing, such as high precision, gradual color change, bright color, no need to open a version, etc.

Although screen printing occupies half the shares of the printing market because of its convenient and flexible production and low cost, it is also a very mature and popular process in the printing industry, especially on dark fabrics. However, the printing effect of the heat transfer printing machine is inferior to that of screen printing. The heat transfer printing technology will continue to increase its market share because of its advantages of low production cost, solid imaging, and long storage time. Therefore, the market prospect of heat transfer printing machines is particularly broad, and it will be better than silk screen printing in the future.

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