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The Increasingly Prosperous Fabric Direct Printing Market

In recent years, DIY clothing customization production has been favored by consumers. It can provide rich and diverse products, which improves consumers’ fashion selectivity; Chasing the characteristics of trends. Due to the shorter digital printing cycle, digital printing can help brands make full use of fragmented time for sales. 75%of online buyers will be affected by social media, which is where popular occurrence. The textile industry must be prepared to welcome this wave, so digital printing begins to grow rapidly.

Consumers’ personalized needs for clothing have made fewer and fewer customers who need to produce the same products in large quantities, and the rapid update of market trends has also put forward higher requirements for enterprise production speed. All this is the main reason for choosing digital printing. There is no need to open the version, mix, and dry the net. Digital printing can be directly output and printed directly on the computer. The edition is fast and the efficiency is high.

At present, the market for the printing of 20 to 100 fabric printing is increasing. DTG technology solutions can reduce the original production processes of companies from five steps pre-processing, thermal pressure, printing, thermal pressure, and drying to two new steps with only printing and drying. The three time-consuming steps in the process of the fabric printing process can save more time and cost for target customers.

The current printing service providers need to consider diversifying their business scope to provide more personalized services for their customers. With the shrinking of traditional printing business profits, they have the opportunity to use DTG technology to enter a considerable profit digital textile printing market. Today, customers can easily purchase blank clothing in batches, and then print and customize the local printing patterns. For example, customers can provide their target consumers with T-shirts, polo, hoodie, handbags, and other promotional products, and then get additional sources of income. No wonder so many fabric printing service providers show their love for DTG technology.

It is most attractive to those who have small space and integrated printers for those who have just entered this industry. This DTG device can be printed and solidified directly, instead of solidifying the heat compressor as a DTG device. New customers can directly print personalized patterns directly on T-shirts, tea towels, pillows, and aprons. A design draft or personalized pattern can be made and shared online. After completion, it can be transmitted to the DTG device immediately for direct printing. This is because this device provides WiFi settings, which meet ordinary users to send personalized patterns from smartphones to DTG devices and complete printing operation commands.

The low purchase price and ease of use make it an ideal investment for fabric printing customers to enter the fabric direct printing market at a very small cost.

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