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The Change of Consumption Concept and the Development of Digital Printing Technology

As an emerging printing mode, digital printing technology has brought unprecedented development opportunities to the textile printing and dyeing industry with its advantages of high efficiency, low proofing cost, good printing effect, and less pollution. It represents the latest direction of technological development in the printing and dyeing industry in the future.

Digital printing technology can reduce the output of wastewater caused by screen cleaning in the printing process, save drugs and reduce waste by 80%, which greatly reduces the burden of energy conservation and emission reduction.

With the diversification of consumer demand, traditional grey cloth printing has gradually developed from mass production to small-batch, multi-variety and personalized. Compared with traditional printing, making small samples usually takes two weeks. Flexible digital printing enterprises have advantages in the fierce market competition. They not only have high quality and good output effect but also can meet the needs of customers for small batch and personalized printing. The advantages of high efficiency, low cost, high-quality printing effect, and less pollution meet the increasing diversification of market demand and the concept of green consumption, which has brought unprecedented development opportunities to the digital printing industry.

In today’s fashion industry, digital printing is undoubtedly the most representative type of modern fashion in the development of the printing industry. Whether it is a high-end show or an ordinary street, digital printing is one of the best elements used by fashion people to interpret fashion. In the relatively mature social culture, consumers prefer to show their style with clothes with a beautiful personality and bold color contrast. Because of the digital format of the pattern itself, the source is freer and the scope is wider. On the basis of combining the current consumer demand, designers can carry out personalized production according to their own needs by using the characteristics that digital printing has no limit on the initial printing volume.

Now digital printing technology can directly output electronic photos, use drawing software for post-processing, and then print. This has greatly boosted the designer’s design power. Lakes, mountains, flowers, trees, and other natural scenery often appear in printing designs.

Nowadays, with the successful research and development of new technology, the technical problems of the traditional water printing process limited by various factors such as printing plates and unable to print colorful patterns are solved. At the same time, the problems of digital ink-jet printing technology such as non-universal production ink, high production cost, and slow printing speed limit its large-scale and mass production.

It is only a matter of time before digital printing replaces traditional printing technology. R & D designers and equipment enterprises are trying to launch products that meet the needs of consumers and the requirements of market development. The development prospect of digital printing is unlimited.

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