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Solutions to the Problems of Ink Splashing and Color Mixing in UV Printing Process

Sometimes when using a UV flat-panel printer to print some materials, there will be rough edges, random dots, and fuzzy lines. These phenomena are caused by the “ink splashing” of the equipment nozzle. It is necessary to stop the production and operation of the equipment, reset the origin of the equipment, and then conduct detailed troubleshooting. According to these “minor accidents”, the engineer found out the following reasons and put forward corresponding solutions.


Firstly, the lines of patterns are disconnected. The nozzle plug will lead to the disconnection of lines, so that the spraying amount of some color ink is insufficient in the printing process, which is manifested by rough edges, fuzzy lines, etc. Carefully check the status of the nozzle by printing a test strip. If it is found that there is a blockage, the lines are not clear and are intermittent, it is necessary to clean the interior of the nozzle with cleaning fluid. There are many reasons for the nozzle plug. A customer friend can clean the nozzle 1-2 times. In serious cases, it is necessary to soak the nozzle with alcohol for 24 hours before cleaning, which can eliminate the hidden dangers.

Secondly, the distance between the nozzle and the objects is long. The nozzle is too high from the surface of the object, so the ink droplets cannot be sprayed on the surface of products along a straight line, resulting in the phenomenon of ink floating. Of course, the sprayed image will have chaos, burrs, ghosting, and other phenomena. Usually, when the nozzle is more than 6cm away from the printing material, there will be ink floating, so please check the height when printing, and if it is more than 6cm, you need to reduce it. In addition, if the nozzle voltage is too high, it will also affect the work of the printer, because the UV flat-panel printer nozzle has strict requirements on the working voltage. If the voltage is unstable or too high, the equipment will not operate normally. Check the voltage displayed by the indicator light, whether the red light is on, and the alarm. If there are circuits of other accessories on the voltage board of the nozzle, it indicates that it is a modified UV flat-panel printer, and the lines are gathered together, which can only be solved by replacing the board.

Two main reasons

There are two reasons for the problem of color in UV printing: one is the oblique spray of the nozzle, and the other is the problem of the circuit board. The oblique spray of the nozzle may be due to internal blockage. It is necessary to clean the interior of the nozzle to ensure the smoothness of the internal channel. If the nozzle is still blocked after cleaning, it is necessary to consider replacing the nozzle. When replacing the nozzle, it is best to find the original manufacturer to buy, because the original nozzle is guaranteed, and it is imported with the original packaging.

The second is the problem with the circuit board. Because the oblique spray phenomenon of circuit board cards is mainly concentrated on the refitted UV flat-panel printer. Some UV flat-panel printer boards use boards produced by professional Ricoh cooperative companies. The printers refitted by some manufacturers use the circuit board cards of photo machines, printers, and other equipment. In order to realize the UV printing process, many things will be placed outside the original circuit board cards, causing the UV tablet machine to be extremely unstable, and the resulting problems are all kinds of strange. Customers do not reply to the manufacturer in time to solve the problems after sales.

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