UV Ink, Specially-formed ink for our UV scope of printers.

Ink Type: UV Curable Ink

Ink Color: C M Y BK W

Ink Capacity: 1000ML/Bottle

UV ink

Why Choose SUBLISTAR UV Curable Ink?

1. The eco-accommodating acrylic framework, low VOC (unstable natural mixtures), and without ozone ink

2. Nano-scale crushing innovation, the greatest molecule size of ink (D99) <300nm

3. Remarkable radiant white recipe, white ink won’t become yellow subsequent to relieving

4. SGS, RoSH, and other related ecological insurance certificate

5. Great sun opposition, solid grip, doesn’t tumble off

6. Viable for most UV printers, not obstructing print heads

7. More extensive application range for plastic, metal, glass, ceramic tile, acrylic, etc.


1, Good ink stream, difficult to impede the print head, wealthy in variety.

2, Vivid plan and rich layers after heat move printing.

3, Resistant to high temperature and water washing, difficult to lose variety for quite a while.

4, Compared with American ink and Italian ink, the cost is cutthroat and the market is great.

5, The ink fulfills worldwide ecological guidelines and is innocuous to the human body.

UV DTF Process

Wide Applications Of UV Ink:

Energy-saving and harmless to the ecosystem UV ink, that can be restored and stuck to by UV light (bright beams) illumination. Moment dry result lead time can be extraordinarily abbreviated. It tends to be imprinted on different non-spongy materials like sap, glass, and metal. From knickknacks to enormous scope establishments, engineering, and modern plan, thoughts can come to fruition impeccably.