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DTF Transfer Printer Fluorescent DTF Printing Machine

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DTF-6003 Fluo Fluorescent Printing Machine

With a print width of 24 inches (60 cm), this SUBLISTAR DTF printer is suitable for any size print shop. You can make custom t-shirts and apparel quickly and easily.


DTF-6003 Fluo Series is another age of the advanced upheaval, making a new computerized dtf film printing process. It compensates for the deficiencies of the current dtf innovation. The maximum print width 24inch. Max print speed upto 10m2/h. This three printheads machine support fluorescent variety printing, multicolor printing.

New Feature of DTF-6003 Fluo

Most recent innovation of DTF Fluo, Want some quality apparel shirt? Attempt our DTF Print, same as silkscreen. Machine with three printheads. Support fluorescent variety printing, multicolor printing

The new age of double spout staggered printing innovation significantly further develops the printing speed, 4pass precision outperforms 6pass

Vacuum adsorption conveying stage, engrossing the print material to guarantee that the material doesn’t lump or run off.

Pressure control framework naturally controls strain during DTF flm printing processes.

Conelike powder box, decrease the weight on the engine and broaden the existence of the engine.

Next Generation DTF Fluorescent Printing

DTF Fluo series has redesigned the spout printing calculation, pull framework, strain framework, and shaking powder framework. Which working on the dependability of the machine, drag out the help life of machine parts, and make the machine more proficient. Support fluorescent variety printing, multicolor printing

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