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Processing of DTG Printing Machine

Compared with traditional manual printing and reactive printing, the operation process of the DTG printing machine is relatively simple and can be learned quickly. It can be divided into four steps: sizing, printing, color fixation, and spraying softener. The process of the pure cotton digital direct jet printing machine should be no simpler than this. Here are the details:

  1. Sizing

Sizing is the pretreatment, namely, the liquid treatment before spraying. In principle, the digital printing machine and the pure cotton digital direct jet printing machine do not need sizing, but if they do not size, there is still a gap between the color brightness of this process and the active digital printing. The effect of direct spraying of the sizing cotton with paint is no less than that of active digital printing. A special sizing machine should be used for sizing. There is no secret. The temperature and speed can be adjusted. As long as the sizing is uniform and the treatment liquid on the fabric is dried, the uneven sizing effect is not good. It is easy to disperse ink when the treatment liquid is not dried for printing.

  1. Printing

In this step, the operator needs to have some basic skills in dealing with pictures. Of course, some guests directly give high-definition pictures, so that they can save the drawing. The rest is loading and unloading. The placing, receiving, and drying are automatically completed by the pure cotton digital direct jet printing machine. As for the DTG printing effect, the ink should be matched, the curve should be right, and the fabric should have high cotton content. These factors are available, It usually produces a very beautiful effect.

  1. Fixation

The temperature and speed are also adjustable. Generally, the drying time at 150 ℃ for about 5min is enough. Of course, different fabrics may have a slight deviation in time and temperature. This depends more on experience. That’s how you become a good doctor after a long illness.

  1. Softening

After sizing, ink spraying, and high temperature, the cotton cloth will harden slightly. In order to restore its softness and provide a better feel, it is necessary to spray softener. After spraying the softener, the feel of the cotton cloth will recover.

DTG printing generally works best when printing white cotton shirts. It can meet the requirements of no hand feel and no color difference, and the cost is the lowest. Since the ink used in this technology is water-ink, the brightness can be lower than that of gel printing. The color effect of the picture can be deepened and the brightness of the picture can be improved by spraying twice. A picture that has been sprayed with ink twice is darker than one that has been sprayed once. The T-shirt garment printer with double nozzles only takes 1 minute to realize the digital printing of T-shirts. The direct spray process is adopted. After printing, it has good air permeability and is comfortable to wear.

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