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Precautions for Maintenance of Digital Printing Machine

Before using the equipment, especially the precision equipment, we all know that it needs a long time of debugging before it can be used normally. Moreover, after use for a period of time, it will need to be maintained, otherwise, the equipment will gradually appear various faults.

In fact, just like the cars you buy, cars need to be debugged before they leave the factory to achieve stable mass production, and they will need to be maintained or overhauled every time they travel a certain distance. If they do not carry out maintenance and overhaul after meeting the maintenance and overhaul conditions, the car will be prone to various problems.

As the most important equipment for the production of digital printing customized products, the digital printing machine must be maintained after a period of use, otherwise, it will affect the precision accessories, thus affecting the printing effect of the digital printing machine.

Recently, many enterprises have begun to introduce digital printing equipment, but because they have no experience in digital printing production, many enterprises also have problems in the production of digital printing machines. Here, let’s talk about the maintenance of the digital printing machine.

Daily maintenance items

  1. whether the waste ink tank is full

Ink is required for the printing of digital printing machines, and waste ink will appear during the printing process. At this time, the waste ink cartridge must be cleaned in time.

  1. whether there is air in the ink inlet pipe of the ink cartridge

It must be noted that if air enters, the ink will be caked and the ink will not flow smoothly. Please clean the ink pipe of the ink cartridge at this time.

  1. ink inlet pipe

Before production, it is necessary to check whether the printing head is in good condition. If there are sporadically broken lines in the printing head, please clean it, otherwise, the printed products will be almost all waste products.

Items requiring inspection and maintenance every two weeks

  1. belt oiling

It is recommended to apply some grease on the belt. At the belt positions at both ends of the printer, grease can be used to pass through the belt, so as to transfer it to the running position of the gear and the belt.

  1. ink stack cleaning

First, move the trolley out of the ink stack, and then turn on the test function of the ink pump. At this time, slowly pour the prepared clean water into the ink stack for cleaning.

If there is a dirty ink stack, you can use a scraper to clean it, or wipe it with a wet towel or white cloth dipped in clean water.

Inspection and maintenance items every 3 months

In general, the grating should be checked and cleaned every three months. When cleaning, you can use a white cloth dipped in alcohol and wipe it before cleaning. In addition, if the environment is poor, it is recommended to clean it once a month or even in a shorter time.

Annual inspection items

This is to check whether the power cord and socket are aging. If aging occurs, it must be replaced in time.

The above periodic inspection and maintenance are aimed at the digital printing machine in normal working condition. When the equipment does not work for a long time, if it does not work for a month, it is recommended to clean the nozzle every two weeks; If it does not work for three months or more, it is recommended to empty the ink path and remove the nozzle for cleaning and storage. The specific operation shall be subject to actual use.

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