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Please Read These Instructions Before Purchasing a DTG T-shirt Printer

Q: The service life of the nozzle of the T-shirt printing machine can reach two years?

A: T-shirt printing machines generally use Epson nozzles. 8-color ones are more expensive and 6-color ones are cheaper. If you start it every day, you can have regular and scientific maintenance, and the service life can reach about one year. If your nozzle hasn’t broken after two years of use, you will win the jackpot, and you can buy lottery tickets.

PS: the service life of industrial nozzles is long. The number of industrial nozzles used in T-shirt printers is Star Fire 1024, and the service life of Star Fire 1024 industrial nozzles can reach about 2 years (without blockage)

Q: Can ink circulation prevent white ink from blocking the nozzle?

A: The answer is No. the main reasons for DuPont white ink blocking the nozzle are as follows:

  1. The surface of the white ink nozzle is exposed to dry air for a long time, and the white ink on the surface of the nozzle dries up and blocks the nozzle.
  2. The white ink on the surface of the nozzle touches the white ink treatment liquid on the clothes, resulting in chemical reaction and crystallization, blocking the nozzle.
  3. Large titanium dioxide particles in inferior white ink directly block the nozzle orifice.

That’s the question. Is the circulation of ink helpful to prevent the nozzle from blocking? Yes, but it has little effect.

Q: Is the cost of DTG printing low?

A: DTG printing machine, also known as a T-shirt printing machine, has a low cost of printing on white fabrics. Full A4 size printing also costs a little ink, but the printing cost of dark fabrics is more expensive because printing dark colors require white ink, and white ink is very expensive. Full A4 size printing costs at least one dollar, so if you care about the cost, you can honestly use a T-shirt printing machine, but in the future, once the cost of white ink is reduced, The market will eventually be the world of DTG T-shirt printers.

Q: Is the T-shirt printing machine bigger and faster?

A: The answer is No. generally speaking, the printing speed of a T-shirt printing machine is related to the model and number of nozzles, and has nothing to do with the size of the machine. For example, the speed of A3, A2, A1, and A0 of Epson’s fifth-generation single nozzle is the same. Similarly, the speed of 6090, 1225, and 1625 of the double fifth-generation head are the same, but the T-shirt printer with two nozzles is certainly much faster than the machine with one nozzle, But the larger the T-shirt printer, the more efficient it will be.

Q: Do different models print the same effect?

A: The answer is negative. For example, the effect of a single nozzle and a double nozzle must be a little different. The effect of the Epson nozzle and starlight industrial nozzle is also a little different, so you must be careful when proofing. If you want to buy a machine with a double nozzle, you must personally watch the manufacturer use a double nozzle T-shirt printer to proof for you.

Q: The technology of the white ink machine is immature?

A: The answer is no. now the white ink T-shirt printing machine has been very mature, but it is still not much to be able to do without blocking the nozzle.

Q: Can UV printers print T-shirts?

A: The answer is No. up to now, the only application of UV printers in textile is Oxford cloth. UV printers for polyester, nylon, cotton, and other fabrics are not ideal. The patterns printed on clothes with UV ink are not firm, easy to tear off, and have no color fastness at all.

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