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Notice for Beginners: Functions of Six Core Components of UV Printer

For novices who have just bought or are ready to buy UV printers, they need to have a deeper understanding of UV printers to use them more smoothly. Here, we will explain the functions of the six core components of the UV printer.

 1. nozzle

The main function of the nozzle is ink-jet. In the whole printing process of the UV printer, in addition to editing and drawing patterns in the software and setting various parameters, the rest depends on the nozzle to spray the patterns. Then the printing accuracy, speed, service life, stability, and compatibility of the nozzle have become the points that need special attention when inspecting the equipment.


The board, the computer of UV printer equipment, not only controls the inkjet of the nozzle but also controls the operation of all parts of the whole machine.

 3. platform

The platform is the platform used by UV printers to place substrates. At first glance, many users found that the platform of each manufacturer is basically the same. In fact, the difference in technology and price can reach 10 times and 20 times. A good platform can ensure that the equipment will not be sunken or uneven during use.

 4. guide rail

The guide rail is the track of the car, and its function is to support the car to move back and forth in the printing process. The precision and material hardness of the guide rail directly determine whether the trolley runs smoothly.

 5. external structure of the machine

This is a place that users can easily ignore. After seeing this part, many users will think that all the external frames of UV printers are made of iron, which can be valued at the same price. In fact, if you think so, you are completely wrong. The external structure of the machine is the foundation of the whole equipment, and all accessories should be installed on it in turn. If the stability, error, and structure of the fuselage are poor, it will cause the equipment to vibrate in a large format after printing for a period of time. How to adjust it is useless. It will also affect the physical wear between the above parts and accelerate the scrapping of parts. The external structure of good and bad machines can be five times worse in price.

6. LED curing lamp

The LED curing lamp is installed on both sides of the nozzle. When the nozzle sprays UV ink, the ultraviolet light emitted by the LED lamp solidifies. Ordinary lights cost less than 5000 yuan, and better lights cost more than 10000 yuan. The better the LED lamp is, the less the illumination effect and light decline will be, and the longer the service life of the lamp will be. I believe some customers will find that after using some UV printers for a period of time, they will always find the pattern sticky and incomplete drying. Even if the printing speed is reduced, it cannot be cured completely. This is caused by the poor quality of the LED lamp itself.

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