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Is UV printer Easy to Operate?

Is a UV printer easy to operate? Before buying the machine, many customers will worry about the problems of operation. They worry that many operators are needed and it will result in high costs. They also worry that the operation is too difficult to learn by themselves. From the perspective of operation alone, both the mode of operation and equipment is extremely simple. Generally speaking, people who are completely unfamiliar with the operating process need 3-7 days to master it. If they have 1-2 years of experience in handling computers, they can operate it skillfully within 2 days.

What are the details of the operation of the UV printer?

Detail 1: the prepress process is simple.

As we all know, traditional printing needs to do plate making, film, chromatic registration, slurry mixing, etc., which not only requires a lot of manual operation but also the process is quite cumbersome. On the contrary, UV printers do not need these, and the prepress work only needs to edit the pattern in the drawing software of the computer.

Detail 2: automation of printing process.

Due to the use of new ink, it is no longer necessary to add coating and bake before printing each material, like the traditional water-based and solvent-based ink. On the contrary, UV printers can print directly on the surface of the substrate, which saves time, effort, and worry.

Detail 3: simple post-press processing.

Generally, the pattern printed by a UV printer will not fade and fall off after being placed outdoors for 10 years, and this effect can be achieved without a post-treatment process. On the contrary, the traditional printing process requires spraying varnish, coating, etc.

Detail 4: simple operation.

When designing the software, the manufacturer fully takes into account the operating habits of domestic Chinese users. The page is simple and clear, and the function is powerful and perfect. What function you want to use is clear at a glance, just click with the mouse. At the same time, the manufacturer also provides a special and comprehensive function introduction to facilitate users to better master the useful skills of UV printers.

Detail 5: no restrictions on academic qualifications

If only from the aspect of operating equipment and printing products, you don’t need a degree, as long as you are literate, you can be competent. For example, with ready-made pictures, it is very simple to simply operate the device to print. If you need image processing, you need to know a little basic knowledge of graphic design, so a UV printer is simple to use and operate.


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