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Introduce You to UV DTF Stickers

UV DTF stickers are a graphic production or decoration process that uses UV flat-panel printer to spray white ink, varnish, and other layers on the crystal film containing adhesive backing, then apply transfer film and finally use the film to take up the pattern and transfer it to the surface of the most products.

UV flat-panel inkjet printer gives full play to the characteristics of a version-free digital printer. It can make original single products without opening the edition. It can produce the necessary quantity of products when necessary and quickly respond to all kinds of orders.


UV DTF stickers can be pasted at will, which is convenient and fast and solves the vacancy of irregular shapes in spray printing.  UV DTF stickers have very obvious advantages. The pattern is bright, the color-rich, the gloss high.  It is easy to take up and separate when transferring, without leaving residual glue. It has become a hot process in the advertising customization industry.

What materials can the UV DTF stickers be pasted on?

It is recommended to stick UV DTF stickers on hard smooth surface materials: such as packaging boxes, tea cans, paper cups, notebooks, iron cans, aluminum boxes, plastics, stainless steel, ceramics, etc;

It is not recommended to stick it on soft materials, such as cloth, leather, silica gel, tempered glass, glazed ceramics, or rough frosted product surfaces. Although it can be pasted, its firmness and durability will be greatly reduced.

How long can UV DTF stickers be pasted?

It is necessary to consider the materials pasted by UV DTF stickers and the environment. In theory, UV DTF stickers pasted on hard smooth surface materials and located in an indoor normal temperature environment can be used for a long time; However, if it is an outdoor environment exposed to the sun and rain, often rubbing or high-temperature blisters. For example, tableware and hot water cups, cleaning and heating have the risk of falling off and cracking, and the firmness and durability are poor. The pasted surface is UV DTF stickers made of soft materials, and the pasting time will be shortened, and even become a one-time label.

Therefore, the emergence of UV DTF stickers printer completely solves the small-batch customization in the advertising industry. It only needs a UV DTF stickers printer, which uses an Epson nozzle and special ink to print on the special printing film. It first sprays white primer and then sprays color, and then forms the finished product after being transferred through the B-side composite film. The whole process is formed by the printer, and then pasted on the items you want to customize, which is simple and convenient, The traditional process of making the film and Screen Edition is canceled, and the end customer does not need to transport the real products to the factory for printing, but only needs to express the produced UV DTF stickers to the user. After the user gets the UV DTF stickers, he can paste as much as he needs, so as to realize the same-day shipment. The factory or e-commerce warehouse only needs to prepare the main products, reduce the inventory, and reduce the loss and inventory waste in the transportation process.

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