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Inspection Items Before Starting UV Printer and Maintenance Essentials

UV printer has a good printing effect, which makes the product printing more delicate and gorgeous. What checks should be carried out on the equipment in daily use, and what standardized operations should be carried out before starting up every day?

  1. Check whether the guide rail has enough lubricating oil before using the UV printer every day;
  2. It is necessary to check whether the ink bag of the nozzle is well connected with the printer nozzle every day;
  3. Check whether the grating strip is clean and intact every day;
  4. After starting the machine every day, you need to print the test strip first and print the test strip through the control software. The test strip is used to detect whether the spray hole is blocked, and each small short line corresponds to a spray hole. The missing short line is called a broken needle phenomenon, which is vaguely called a needed needle. If there is a phenomenon of virtual needle and broken needle, it needs to be cleaned;
  5. Before printing, it is necessary to check whether the materials are properly stored to avoid scratching the print head during printing;
  6. Before and after each printing, it is necessary to print the test strip, check the status of the nozzle and clean it in time;
  7. It is necessary to operate the UV printer after systematic training, otherwise, it will cause unpredictable problems;
  8. Check whether there is ink at the bottom of the LED UV curing lamp of the UV printer every day. If so, wipe it with alcohol and clean it periodically;
  9. It is necessary to check whether the flat line connecting the nozzle has ink every day and pay attention to cleaning it in time. If the ink has flowed into or corroded the flat line, please replace it before using the equipment;

Maintenance of UV printer

  1. Ensure that the printer has a stable working platform, and do not place any objects on the top of the printer.
  2. The front cover of the printer must be closed when printing to prevent dust from entering the machine or other hard objects from hindering the movement of the printer trolley.
  3. It is forbidden to plug and unplug the printer cable with power, which will damage the print port of the printer and the parallel port of the PC, or even the motherboard of the PC.
  4. If the print output is not very clear, you can use the automatic cleaning function of the printer to clean the nozzle.
  5. When the print head is restarted without returning to the original position, the printer will first return the print head to the original position, and then clean the nozzle, which will cause unnecessary waste of ink. The way to solve this problem is to often wipe off the dust on the guide shaft and lubricate the guide shaft (choose lubricating oil with good fluidity, such as sewing oil) to ensure the cleanness of the surrounding environment. (1) There is too much dust in the working environment, which is easy to cause poor lubrication of the trolley guide shaft so that the movement of the print head is blocked during the UV printing process, causing inaccurate printing position or hitting the mechanical frame, causing damage and crash. (2) There is too much dust in the working environment, which is easy to cause the printed pictures to stick with dust and affect the effect. (3) The machine is best placed in a dust-free (less) room.

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