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How to Solve the Problem of Ink Shortage in UV Printer?

After all, the UV flat-panel printer is a machine. The machine can not avoid failure. If it fails, we must try to solve the problem. What are the reasons and solutions for the ink break of the UV flat-panel printer nozzle?

During the operation of printing patterns, the equipment has Yin and Yang colors, broken lines, lightened colors, ghosting, etc., and the link is broken for the nozzle. The equipment needs to be suspended and reset to the x-axis for processing.

Secondary ink cartridge failure

The vent of the second stage ink cartridge is blocked, so the air cannot enter, and the internal pressure is too high to output ink. If the vent is blocked, you need to reopen the vent to make the air intake smooth. You can wrap 2 circles of soft paper around the flat line link of the secondary ink cartridge to adsorb the residual ink.

Nozzle blockage

When the nozzle is blocked, pause the equipment. After resetting to the origin of the X-axis, raise the nozzle cart by 20 cm, press the inking key, observe the negative pressure fluctuation value, pause when it reaches 10, and observe that the ink beads are in a continuous state to continue printing.

 The ink in the ink cartridge is out or below the pressure line

If the ink in the ink cartridge is used up or lower than the pressure line, open the ink pipe cover to check whether the ink is used up. When pouring new ink, it needs to be poured slowly in the backlight environment to avoid drying the ink under strong light.

Damage to a piezoelectric crystal

The piezoelectric crystal inside the nozzle is damaged due to excessive voltage and ink infiltration, so it is necessary to replace the nozzle.

Ink supply pipe blocked

If the ink supply pipe is blocked, it is necessary to turn off the nozzle switch and use the needle pipe to press the air to dredge the impurities in the ink pipe so that the ink can flow smoothly.

Metal buoy failure

Metal buoy failure. The metal buoy is a magnetic component in the secondary ink cartridge, which is used to control the inkjet of the UV printer nozzle. In case of failure, the ink jet will not produce ink and the ink will be cut off. Open the ink cartridge cover and use the needle to move it down to make it return to normal.

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