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How to Operate UV Flat-panel Printer

As a digital color printing equipment, the price of a UV flat-panel printer is not low. The correct operation of a UV flat-panel printer can make the life of the machine longer and the printing quality better. Here are some precautions:

  1. Before operation

(1) First check the size, thickness, and type of printing materials, and then decide how to pass UV.

(2) Before the operation, check whether there are sundries in each part of the machine, and start the machine only after it is confirmed to be correct, so as to avoid replacing sundries into the machine and causing damage to the machine.

  1. Switch on / off

(1) When turning on the lights, turn on the lights in sequence. The interval between each light is about 1 minute. Do not turn on the lights at the same time.

(2) After turning off the light, the fan should continue to operate for a period of time until the lamp tube cools down.

(3) If you want to start a second time after turning off the light, you must wait until the light tube is completely cooled before starting, otherwise it will not start when the surface temperature of the light tube is very high.

(4) After turning on the light, it cannot be put into production immediately. There should be a period of lamp preheating time. When the temperature is high in summer, the preheating time is short; When the temperature is low in winter, the preheating time is longer, and the preheating time is about 2-3 minutes. If the UV machine has a strong and weak light device, it should start and turn on the light at the strong light level, which can shorten the preheating time of the lamp tube. If weak light is required during production, it can be adjusted to the weak light level after the preheating is completed.

  1. Lamp maintenance

(1) The maximum service life of a UV lamp is generally 800-1200 hours, and it should be replaced after reaching the service life.

(2) During the use of a UV lamp, use absolute ethanol and gauze to clean the reflector on the surface of the lamp tube and reflector cover at an appropriate time (1-2 months), and then rotate the UV lamp tube by 180 ℃. The reflector of the lampshade will be replaced after losing the mirror effect.

  1. Speed adjustment

(1) The best speed selection method: first pass the product through the UV curing device at a certain speed. If it is cured, then accelerate the speed until the product passing through the curing device just cannot be cured completely. At this time, the speed multiplied by 0.8 is the best speed.

(2) In addition, pay attention to the use time of the UV lamp. With the extension of the use time of the UV lamp, the energy will decay and the speed will be slowed down.

  1. Transformer, capacitor

(1) The incoming line of the transformer should select the appropriate terminal according to the field voltage

(2) After the capacitor is used, care must be taken in maintenance to avoid injury caused by capacitor discharge

  1. Ultraviolet rays will damage the eyes and skin. Please do not look directly at the surface of the lamp tube with your eyes when turning on the lamp, and do not let ultraviolet rays irradiate the skin.
  2. UV offset printing inks are environmentally friendly raw materials, and their toxicity is relatively low. However, UV ink will still be irritating and corrosive to the skin. If you need to contact, you can wear protective equipment such as rubber gloves. In case of contact with the skin, immediately wash it with sufficient water.

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