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How to Maintain the Digital Printing Machine

The development of the digital printing industry has made great progress, not only in printing speed but also in printing accuracy. And it has also made great breakthroughs in high penetration printing and changing printing schemes. It can be said that whether it is other countries in the world or China, digital printing is forming a trend of the times, especially now the environmental protection problem is becoming more and more serious, and the advantages of digital printing over traditional printing are more obvious. Therefore, digital printing machine has become a hot topic in the printing and dyeing industry. Relatively speaking, the digital printing machine is a large part, which is valuable when purchased, not to mention in the later application production, if it strikes, it can only stop production. How to maintain the digital printing machine and maintain the best working condition is particularly important.

So how to maintain the digital printing machine?
Maintenance of sprinkler
  1. Do not install and disassemble the circuit of digital printing without turning off the power switch and cutting off the main power supply;
  2. In the replacement and fine adjustment of the nozzle, pay attention to the strength of the hand, and do not pull with brute force;
  3. Regularly clean the nozzle;
  4. The ink cartridge should be replaced regularly. For example, the 8-head machine  is replaced every 3 months;
  5. Do not mix two different inks during printing;
  6. After the nozzle is disassembled, it should be cleaned and placed in a special box to avoid dust and dirt polluting it,;
  7. Do not use media with poor quality. If the media is too poor, it is easy to damage the nozzle;
  8. Make a test strip before ending the work every time, and ensure that all nozzles are inked normally, which is carried out as a daily operation.
Maintaining a clean environment
  1. Dust should be prevented indoors and should not be placed in an environment prone to smoke and dust. It is best to clean the ground with a vacuum cleaner;
  2. Try to maintain a constant temperature and humidity environment. Generally, the temperature is about 25 degrees and the humidity is about 60%;
  3. Keep the surface of the machine empty and do not place any objects, especially liquids;
  4. There should be no commonly used household appliances near the machine, and keep away from large magnetic fields and electric fields.
Maintenance of machine parts
  1. Regularly repair and maintain some important parts and components, and timely repair them in case of wear and failure;
  2. Form a good habit of checking every day, pay attention to the printing effect when printing, and solve problems in time.

The high quality of digital printing machines comes from the high precision of the equipment, which also has higher requirements for the production environment.

  1. Generally, the temperature of the machine should be kept between 20-28 degrees and 50-55% during operation. Within this range, the fluency between the ink pipe, ink path, and nozzle will be better.
  2. If the indoor temperature is too high or, the spray drops ejected by the nozzle each time during digital printing are only a few pl. when the temperature is too high, the spray is also easy to dry quickly, forming a conjunctive on the surface, and some of them can’t spray ink, which will also lead to lighter printing color and a higher defect rate. On the contrary, if the temperature is too low, the fluency of ink will be reduced, which will also cause spray blockage and color distortion. In these two cases, it is necessary to install air conditioners for the workshop to ensure the temperature range.
  3. Influence of air temperature

In hot and humid weather, the water vapor on the surface of the printing material condenses, and the ink drops do not dry for a long time after printing and diffuse into color spots, resulting in clear and high color reduction. On the contrary, the air temperature is too low, the ink is not smooth enough, the ink continuity is not good, the ink is broken, and the pattern is not smooth enough.

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