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How to Install MainTop Rip Software?

When you buy any kind of DTF printing machines from sublistar company, you will get a maintop rip software from the package.and Today we make this video to show you how to install this rip software,and how to use this software to rip your graphic for the DTF printing machine. So ok, let’s move to our computer.
In the package you will get a USB dongle and a CD, first insert the CD into your computer.
These files are included on the CD.

1.Double click the “SETUP” to enter the “MAINTOP DTP” screen
2. Select “Restart now”, or you can select “Restart later” and then click “Close”. After restart your PC, the maintop software installation is completed.
3. Insert the maintop dongle into the USB connector of the PC.
4. Now we click MainTop Icon on your desktop to enter the maintop software.
5. Next we do printer Setup. Click “File→Printer Setup” Click “Install” option. Click “Custom” option. Find the your printer Driver, for the demonstration, the printer is SUBLISTAR dtf-6002promax. so I select the “xinli.inf” file and then click “Open”.
6.The screen returns to the “Printer Setup”. Click “Set As Default Printer” to set the printer model you selected as the default printer and then click “OK”
7. After click “OK”, the procedure of printer setup is completed.
8. Next we do RIP
Click “File→New” in the screen, set yoour print media size here, cause DTF-6002promax printing width is 60cm, So I set the size 580mm width 1000mm length. Click ok
9. Click import image icon to select your job
10. Click “Open”
11. Right click the image and select “Frame Attribution” option to set up the image size,
12. After input your size, must click the “Constrain Proportion” option, and then click “OK”
13. Click “Show Metric Panel” icon to setup the image x y position
14. Click “Print” icon, Click “Properties”, Click auto-set paper and then click OK; Select Mirror printing
15. Click “Print to File”

It will be done when the progress bar reaches 100%, Then you will get a file with the suffix “prn”.

Next we do print.
Double-click to open the printer control software, select the file just riped by ManiTop. Click to print.

Maintop color management system compatible with most computer systems like Win 7, Windows 10, Window 2000, etc.
Any other questions, please contact with Sublistar Team, thanks for watching!

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