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How to Identify the Quality of Output of UV Printer ?

Emerging brands are emerging in the market, and the product information and advertising of various brands of UV printers are also overwhelming. Due to a lack of experience, brand advantages, and core products, many new companies are difficult to break through the current situation of the industry market. However, they will focus on brand and product advertising, and quickly promote the company’s brand and products online with the broad communication advantages of the Internet. Of course, there are also some businesses that exaggerate their enterprise strength and product advantages too much. In this way, it is possible that these consumers who listen to the advertising information may impulsively complete their orders under the guidance of low prices. After delivery, they express regret one after another because the quality and service can not achieve the expected results.

So, how to identify the print quality of an awesome printer? We believe that the true identity of UV print quality should be based on the “restoration of the original”. For the UV printing industry, the original usually refers to data files in JPEG/TIFF/EPS/PDF/AI and other formats. Generally speaking, without the help of professional inspection instruments and equipment, we can analyze and judge from the five aspects of color, level, clarity, consistency, and firmness.

First  Colour

Color is an intuitive reflection of print quality, mainly reflected in ink saturation. On the equipment with the same configuration, if anyone has relative advantages in the use of nozzle, UV printer ink quality, and color management, the color effect printed by the equipment will not be bad.

Second  Arrangement

Hierarchy is a step reflection of the color depth of the original. The hierarchy in black-and-white printing is mainly reflected by the gray quality, and the color depth transition is required to be smooth and uniform. Lanqi company uses Ricoh and Konica  UV printer nozzle multi-level gray-scale inkjet technology and has applied this technology to various schemes.

Third  Definition

The definition is mainly reflected in the clarity of the image outline and image details. The definition is related to the quality of the original, the quality of the nozzle, and the stability of the equipment during printing. The UV printer made by Lanqi has been praised for its stability in the industry and among clients. This is mainly because Lanqi has strictly followed the industrial standards in the design and production of the equipment.

Fourth  Uniformity

Consistency is also called uniformity. On the one hand, it means that the ink color before and after printing should be consistent and uniform. On the other hand, it means that the finished ink color of batch printing should be consistent.

Fifth  Firmness

Firmness mainly tests the adhesion of printed patterns to materials. UV curing system, UV ink quality, and material properties will all affect the adhesion. Of course, the adhesion can be greatly improved through the varnish printing scheme.

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