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How to Do the Online Digital Printing Business

The integrated system of good digital printing equipment has low requirements for infrastructure, so it is easy to install. Models with new functions can bring exciting new market opportunities for merchants because they can directly expand their printing business to cotton, organic cotton, silk, polyester, and other fabrics. The new digital printing machine can print fabrics calculated by meter, elastic banners, tablecloths, clothes, curtains, etc. All products can provide customers with personalized designs.

Digital printing business

Following a revolution in the electronic publishing industry, the online mall now turns its attention to a new service – T-shirt sales. Through the new project launched on the online e-commerce platform, everyone can sell customized or printed T-shirts with icons, photos, and other styles. Those top efficient printing systems can produce advertising T-shirts, gift shirts, etc. on-demand to meet various personalized needs of customers.

Marketing experts believe that billions of T-shirts are sold worldwide every year. The online platform hopes to replicate the success of electronic publishing in the T-shirt industry, and encourages everyone to design customized T-shirts, print and sell them, and directly ship them to designers or sell them in online stores. For example, merch projects on the Amazon platform.

Amazon said, “merch is a new self-help project designed to help people increase revenue by selling t-shirts with trademarks designed by customers, while Amazon is responsible for production, sales, and delivery.”

Of course, there are thousands of garment printing plants around the world that can print T-shirts, but Amazon has a very different idea. Unlike mass production, merch allows sellers to design special T-shirts, or even customize them individually, and then print them in small batches, or even one at a time.

Therefore, if someone wants to sell the T-shirt to the local Junior Baseball Federation, they can upload the team logo and ask Amazon to print the T-shirt with each player’s number and name. If they like, they can even print their photos on the clothes. Since it is purchased separately rather than in bulk, there is no need to worry about the size of the clothes (if the traditional screen printing technology is adopted, the buyer must buy T-Shirts of the same size and color by the dozen). In order to ensure that the team likes the jerseys ordered, the seller can ask Amazon to produce a sample so that the players can see the specific style of the jerseys they will wear.

If you meet your relatives and friends on their birthdays or other special anniversaries, you can design a special gift by yourself. Tell the online merchants the ideas and patterns. The merchants complete the design on the computer and then print out the goods the customers need with one click.

With mature technology and operation mode, customers can place orders online without a long screen printing process (transmission, mapping, and other troublesome processes). The staff of the online store just press the function key, wait for the T-shirt to be printed from the printing machine, and then pack the T-shirt for delivery.

The business model of “Internet + digital printing” provides customers with the possibility of instant realization of design patterns. Their creativity and expected goods can be realized through their own hands. In this way, everyone can be a designer, everyone’s creative thinking can be freely displayed, and the market prospect is very broad.

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