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How to Control the Cost of Printing Consumables

For most enterprises, the price of a printer is not high. The real cost is that of consumables in later use.

As the most common standard office equipment, the use of printers in the later stage is a long-term war requiring long-term consumption costs, which is the focus of the company’s office cost control, and the large consumption in this aspect undoubtedly increases the expenditure pressure on the operation of enterprises.

Frugality and simplicity are human virtues. Here are some ways to save the cost of consumables collected by Xiaobian. I hope they can help you.

  1. Centralized printing

Every time the ink-jet printer is started, the printer should clean the print head and initialize the printer. Filling the ink delivery system will obviously cause a waste of ink. In addition, when using a Canon printer, press and hold the “resume” button on the printer (reset) for more than 2 seconds, and the printer will also clean the print head. Therefore, if the printer is out of paper, press the “resume” button after loading the paper, which should not exceed 2 seconds.

  1. Enable ink saving mode

Many printer drivers come with the option of ink saving mode to enable, but this function is generally not selected by default. If you want to print data documents that are limited to internal communication, you can use the ink-saving mode. After the ink saving mode is enabled, the printed text will be displayed in the form of hollow text (only border lines), which greatly saves the use of ink or toner. Some models are in this mode, It can save 75% ink.

  1. Do not replace the cartridge immediately

We know that the ink-jet printer detects the ink volume in the ink cartridge through an inductive sensor. As long as the sensor detects that the ink volume of one color is less than the value set in the printer, it will prompt to replace the ink cartridge. At this time, you can take out the ink cartridge and put it in it immediately, and then use the cleaning key in the control panel, or use the tool software provided by the printer to clean it. Repeat several times, and most printers can be used normally.

  1. On-demand vs long-term startup

When the printer is switched on and off at any time, the damage is caused to the printer by self-inspection and switching on and off current. At the same time, the printer will warm up at the moment of switching on and off, making its power consumption much greater than that during standby. Therefore, frequent switching on and off may not achieve the purpose of energy-saving and life extension. When the machine is started for a long time, the standby power consumption and heating have an impact on energy saving and machine life. At the same time, in the long-term standby process, in order to ensure normal printing, the printer will still perform regular self-test, which may still consume consumables. In order to reduce the printing cost as much as possible, we need to find a balance between the two statements, that is, to print centrally as much as possible and reduce the number of printer switches.

  1. Make good use of duplex printing

Double-sided printing means that after the printer finishes printing on one side of the paper, the paper is sent to the double-sided printing unit, and the paper is turned inside and returned to the paper feed channel to complete the printing on the other side. For printers with a double-sided printing function, it is necessary to enable the double-sided printing function. For printers without a double-sided printing function, you can manually turn the paper over to complete double-sided printing.

  1. Select reliable suppliers

The initial purchase of the complete machine is cheaper, and the later consumables are expensive; The initial purchase of the complete machine is more expensive and the later consumables are cheaper. Therefore, before purchasing the printer, purchase the complete machine according to the needs. The procurement practice shows that the most effective way to control the procurement cost of enterprises is to select high-quality suppliers, provide the best procurement scheme, and ensure product quality, and worry-free after-sales service.

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