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How to Calibrate a DTF Printer

The reasons you want to calibrate a printer are sometimes if you’re setting a new one
if you’ve just been using it for a while, the print heads will kind of get out of alignment, you might see banding or streaks of unprinted space in a document where you would expect printing to be sometimes the character will get kind of warped or you know misaligned it kind of like they’re squished or stretched out. you might see indication of colro not printing properly but when you check the ink levels the ink levels are correct.

In today’s video, we mainly discuss how to calibrate the printer, Calibration refers to the proper alignment of the inkjet cartridge nozzles with the paper and with each other; without a properly calibrated printer, your print quality degrades.

When your image or text appears ghosted, or lines start to appear unclear and fuzzy in your printed artwork. or printed images in areas with colour start or stop before they should. then you need to calibrate your printer.

How to calibrate a DTF printer with 2 printheads?

Click: Calibrator and forward to step 4.Check the horizontal distance between the two nozzles.
Click Print
We will get 2 vertical lines. now the white line is on the left side of the black line, so we do decrease the value from 30 to 10.
Click Save. and let’s print again. Now the 2 lines are completely coincident. This means that the horizontal direction of the 2 nozzles has been aligned.
Next we go to step 5 to check the vertical spacing of the two nozzles
Click Print
We will get 2 parallel lines. now the white line is above the black line. so we need to increase the value.Increased from 80 to 134. and let test again.The 2 parallel lines are also completely coincident.In this way, the vertical directions of the 2 nozzles are also aligned.

Next we will do bidirectional adjustment.
Forward to step 6.
perform a test line. and we get a short line and a long line. and the long line is on the left side of the soort line, so we gonna to gradually increase the value. Here we increase to 38 and test again.
So this way the 2 lines are completely coincident.
Now we are basically done calibrating the nozzle.
the another problem is the image we print is out of area. we need to adjust the start position. increase to 136.
Now all values are calibrated. let’s print the image again.
All image texts are printed correctly.

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