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How to Buy Used DTG Printer?

used DTG Printer

DTF (Direct to film) printing is shortly becoming a new DTG (Direct to garment) alternative. But is it actually the best solution? I have had a lot of experience in each and I accept as true with there is time and region for every printing method. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of them.


DTF printing is extra reachable in contrast to DTG printing. You can without problems convert a conventional desktop inkjet printer such as Epson L1800 to be used as a DTF printer. The solely different piece of tools you will want is a warmness press and you are prepared to go. DTG printers on the different hand are very costly and frequently bulky. A famous dependable Epson SureColor SC-F2100 DTG printer may want to price you upwards of £13,000 whereas a manufacturer new L1800 as properly as a warmth press should be bought for below £1000. You will recoup your funding in no time.

DTF printing is less expensive due to the fact it does now not require pretreatment and it makes use of a lot much less ink. (For these of you who are acrorip users, DTG printing is normally finished at 80% colour ink and 200% white ink. DTF printing solely desires 60% coloration ink and 40% white ink. Because white ink tends to be the most expensive, it provides up to a big saving). Lets no longer forget about the price of time. It takes a few seconds to observe the powder to DTF movie however how lengthy does it take you to pretreat and dry a shirt? 5 minutes? 10 if you are pretreating manually with a spray bottle and a roller. It may now not appear like lots however if you can keep 5 minutes per shirt that’s a lot of saved time per day.


Because DTF does no longer require pretreatment there is no vinegar odor or pretreat bins to deal with.

DTF printing is very versatile. You can print your transfers in increase and press them when required. You can promote your transfers the way they are and without difficulty ship them to your clients in normal letters who can then follow the transfers themselves to anything garment they like. DTF transfers can be utilized to many exclusive surfaces and gadgets that would in any other case be very awkward to print on. Can your DTG printer print on luggage?

DTF requires much less protection due to the fact DTF white ink does no longer clog up the print heads as plenty as DTG white ink does.


DTG is nevertheless the king of wonderful tender feel. Even although DTF feels a lot higher than laser warmth transfers, it is nonetheless no longer as gentle as top ancient DTG printed shirts. Thankfully, you can use DTF inks in your used DTG printer so if you already personal a flatbed, you can do both!

What is DTF printing?

DTF standards for ( Direct To Film) which is a new technic of printing that gives an advantage to print a crispy clean transfers onto Lights or Dark Shirts. This printing method can print on 100% Cotton, Polyester, 50/50 Blends, Leather, Nylon and more.

What is the quality of DTF Printing?

Unlike other transfers from laser and ink yet printers that leave a low quality product after its first two washes. The DTF Printing method holds up very well and leaves no cracks in the imprint. There are several videos on our Youtube Channel that shows the quality of a finished DTF Printing.


What is the difference between DTF and DTG?

If you compare both DTF and DTG the printing process is the same the only difference between the too is how it is printed and the finial touch and feel. Both options are digital printing and require no art separation like needed for screen printing. Where as DTF is printed onto a clear frosted film and then coated with a special powered adhesive thats heated later to stick onto the product, and DTG is printed directly onto the shirt. Now for the touch and feel DTF leaves a feel close but lighter feel than a HTV – Heat Transfer Vinyl. For the DTG the print is directly onto the shirt leaving a smooth feel and the print feels as if the shirt is made with the print.

What is the cost for DTF?

The cost for DTF is much less than the used DTG printer by about 10-15%. If your needing a quick shirt and don’t want to pay much then the best print solution is DTF.

DTF printer is a revolutionary new printing technique that’s more affordable and accessible compared to DTG, screen printing, sublimation or laser white toner transfers. DTF required a modified printer, Special DTF ink (It can also be used in your DTG printer as a DTG ink), Special DTF powder and DTF transfer film. With DTF you can transfer to 100% cotton shirts without pretreatment, saving a lot of money and time. DTF uses a lot less ink than DTG. DTF is washable unlike unrasterized laser toner transfers and it feels a lot better to the touch.

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