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How to Avoid the Damage to the Nozzle of UV Printer During Printing

For inkjet printing equipment, the nozzle is the key factor for equipment maintenance and printing output, and because foreign imports are expensive, carelessness may cause damage and bear the extra cost. Therefore, mastering the basic knowledge about UV printer nozzle will benefit production and processing.

The following lists three common measures that directly or indirectly affect the status of UV printer nozzles

1. Power supply

During the power on, the UV printing machine may need to be disassembled, installed, and cleaned. For your safety and the stability of the equipment, please cut off the power first and then carry out an effective operation. Do not carry out large-scale operation and replacement, which will affect the control and inking system of the UV printer, and indirectly lead to the reduction of the stability of the UV printer nozzle and the burning of the plug.

During the cleaning process, power off first and then clean carefully. Do not splash the ink cleaning solution on the circuit board and precision electronic accessories, so as not to cause a short circuit and endanger the UV machine nozzle.

2. UV ink and cleaning fluid

UV printers are very “picky” when using UV ink and cleaning fluid. The ink with poor quality is easy to solidify and causes a plug crisis in the ink path; The mixed-use of different ink brands will lead to poor printing image effect and the color difference that does not meet the printing requirements; Inferior cleaning fluid will not only not clean the waste ink of the nozzle, but also corrode the nozzle for a long time. So choose UV ink and cleaning fluid, try to choose the manufacturer’s matching ink, and the after-sales maintenance is more guaranteed.

3. Cleaning method

As a relatively mature digital printing equipment, UV printer has a set of cleaning systems to maintain UV printer nozzles, which is generally enough, but sometimes manual cleaning operations are required to complement each other to play a full range of protective measures. During the automatic cleaning process of the UV printer, try to ensure that it is cleaned once a day, and do not clean frequently and stop for a long time, so as to avoid excessive corrosion and ink solidification.

In the process of manual cleaning of UV printer nozzle blockage, do not use ultrasonic and high-pressure water gun cleaning methods, which will have a certain impact on the nozzle. It is recommended to use syringes to wash slowly to reduce nozzle wear.

Here are two tips for UV printer nozzle maintenance:
  1. Try to choose the original nozzle from the manufacturer. For a small format uv9060 printer, choose tx800 or other oily nozzles from Epson. For a large-format UV printer, choose Ricoh G5 and other industrial nozzles.
  2. In the process of UV printer installation training, there are maintenance and cleaning steps for the nozzle, which need to be carefully understood and practiced to prolong the service life of the nozzle.

UV printer is a new type of plate-free color digital printer. Printing is not limited by materials, so it is also called a universal printer. UV printers serve countless industries and products. Here are different examples. However, it should be reminded that when printing different materials, different coatings need to be used, otherwise the printing effect may be unsatisfactory, and even the color may fade seriously. At present, the commonly used coatings are glass coating, metal coating, ABS coating, leather coating, silicone coating, PC coating, etc.

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