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How Does High Temperature in Summer Affect UV Printers?

It will soon be summer, and high temperature is an inevitable topic. The high temperature and hot environment is a very important test for the use of UV printer printing equipment. The high-temperature environment will not only affect the normal operation of UV printers but also have a certain impact on the use of printer-related electronic board accessories, inkjet printing operations, related printing media, image colors, etc.


In the high-temperature environment, pay attention to physical cooling for the space used by the UV printer. Keep the temperature of the printer’s working environment no more than 40 degrees. The printer may stop working under high temperatures, affecting the operation. Especially when the printer is printing for a long time without interruption, the excessive temperature is easy cause the high temperature of the relevant control board of the printer and affect the printing performance. For example, the high temperature of the precision data chip on the motherboard is easy to cause an impact on data transmission, the printing speed slow, and even other serious chip and electronic components, circuit damage, etc.

In addition, if the working environment temperature of the UV printer is too high or too low, it will also cause the disconnection of the ink, because the ink used by the UV printer requires a specified index of working environment, the viscosity index of the ink will change with the change of the ambient temperature, and the working voltage of the nozzle corresponding to the different viscosity will also change accordingly, otherwise, it will cause the instability of the inkjet, which is prone to the disconnection of ink. When the temperature is high, the ink viscosity decreases. At this time, the working voltage of the nozzle should be properly reduced. Otherwise, bubbles are easy to form in the ink pipe, causing no ink to be ejected from the spray hole, resulting in white lines in the picture, and the disconnection of inkjet printing of the photo machine.

Improve air circulation

Therefore, in the high-temperature working environment in summer, it is appropriate to ventilate and cool the space for the UV printer. The ventilation of the printer working space is directly related to the temperature of the space, because in the working space with poor ventilation, the heat emitted by the machine during operation and the accumulation of room temperature will easily lead to the overall room temperature being too high. In addition, the indoor and outdoor temperatures in summer are relatively high. If the indoor space is not well ventilated and the temperature cannot be emitted, the machine will be vulnerable to the influence of temperature and related failures, affecting the normal printing of UV printer; At the same time, the ink sprayed by the printer during printing will easily produce a strong ink smell in a stuffy working environment and a high-temperature indoor space, which is easy to produce uncomfortable feelings for operators.

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