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How About the Competitiveness of DTF Process On Marketing ?

DTF PRINTING   What is the best process for printing T-shirts? I believe many friends will have this question. In fact, there are many processes for T-shirt printing on the market, such as offset hot stamping, silk screen printing, T-shirt digital direct injection, etc., but there is no accurate answer to which process is good, because each process has its value, and the best one is suitable.

Today I will introduce the DTF T-shirt printing process. The biggest difference between this process and other technologies is that there is no need to make plates and apply back glue. DTF printing can realize small batch production and print one piece to meet customers’ personalized customization needs. What about the DTF process?

DTF printing process is actually to use a printer to print the pattern on a special printing film, and then use a powder shaker to sprinkle hot melt adhesive powder on the back of the pattern on the printing film, and then put the pattern on the cloth for hot pressing. DTF printing can print lines and small letters clearly, and has the advantages of no engraving, no hollowing out, no waste discharge, etc.

Simple process

The operation process of the DTF T-shirt printer is simple, and one person can master the whole printing process. Through professional parameter setting, the machine is very clean without residue when shaking fine powder. Color ink and white ink can flow out at the same time. DTF printer does not need engraving, waste discharge, and film coating, which greatly improves production efficiency. It is not limited to patterns, full hollowed out, small-batch production, and a short delivery cycle. These features are the sharp tools of the DTF process.

Entrepreneurs’ good tool

If you want to start a business with a DTF printer, you only need to invest in a set of hot stamping printers and a powder shaker. The floor area of the machine is less than the size of a parking space, and it is a one-stop hollowed-out printing and automatic powder shaking. It is the finished product of the pattern, which is very efficient.

1. Cost reduction

To use a traditional DTF machine, in addition to buying a printer, you have to buy a laminating machine and a lettering machine. Especially in the face of complex patterns, you have to buy a good laser engraving machine. The decentralized operation between various machines requires the cooperation of multiple personnel, with complex processes and slow efficiency. The investment in laminating machines, lettering machines, and laser engraving machines ranges from several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, and the actual utilization rate is unknown.

2. Technological differences

DTF printing and powder shaking all-in-one machines are particularly simple in process and technology. You only need to input the pattern you want to print, whether it is complex or simple. Through the analysis of printing software, you can print hollow patterns with one click, which is simple, easy to use, and fast. It also supports personalized customization, increases patterns at any time, and is simple to operate.

Print – automatic powder shaking – heated powder melting – drying – output pattern

The traditional heat transfer process is much more complicated in the process. Simple patterns are good. When complex patterns need to be processed, they first need to be mattressed through PS and other drawing modification software, which is time-consuming and laborious. After printing, they also need to be covered with film by the laminating machine and then engraved. The process is complex.

3. The difference between the hand feel and wash-ability of the pattern

The clothes printed with DTF technology feel soft and comfortable to wear against the skin. They are resistant to stretching and washing. The dry and wet rubbing fastness can reach level 4, and they will not crack after washing dozens of times.

4. Environmental protection

The new DTF process uses water-based environmental-friendly ink for printing, which has no waste discharge and pollution in the printing process, and the hot-melt powder used is also healthy and environmentally friendly.

Traditional hot stamping requires film covering, and there are many of waste. It requires glue and the material in general.

5. Different requirements for patterns

Through software analysis, the pattern can be hollowed out automatically. No matter how small and complex the patterns are, they can be printed. There are no special requirements for color, and they can be printed at will.

6.  Personnel and sites

From printing to making finished products, one person is enough, and two people can cooperate with multiple machines. A set of machines covers less than one parking space.



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