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Explain DTG Printing Technology from Many Aspects

DTG printer is different from a textile printing machine. Ithe conventional sense, a printing machine usually refers to the whole roll printing of cloth, such as bed sheets, curtains, quilt covers, pillows, and clothes. After the whole roll printing, the cloth is cut into pieces and then made into clothes. The printer mentioned here refers to digital full-color printing equipment for personalized or small-batch printing on clothes, which is used for advertising, display, activities, celebrations, personalized customization, and other needs. Today, with the growing demand for small-batch customized printing, the traditional technology is limited by plate making, batch, color, and efficiency, and has become increasingly unable to meet everyone’s daily needs. DTG T-shirt digital printing machine makes up for the above shortcomings, and its market application is more and more extensive. It is favored by printing plants and advertising companies because it can print full-color and gradient patterns.

With the popularity of digital printing equipment and its unique characteristics, DTG printing technology has become an important and independent classification of printing equipment.

Application scope:
  1. All kinds of pure cotton products.
  2. Products with a cotton content of more than 60% (the higher the cotton content, the better the washing fastness)

T-shirts, sweaters, Cotton Handkerchiefs, pillows, etc.


Digital direct jet printing machine personalized customization, garment factory, garment printing, digital printing, and other industries.

  1. Features of this kind of printer: no color separation and plate making. Digital printing can save expensive color separation and plate-making costs and time, and customers can save a lot of early-stage costs.
  2. The cotton direct jet printing machine has fine patterns and rich colors. The digital printing system adopts the world’s advanced digital printing machine, with fine patterns, clear layers, bright colors, and natural transition between colors. The printing effect can be comparable to that of photos, breaking many restrictions of traditional printing and greatly expanding the flexibility of printing patterns.
  3. Small batch orders can be accepted, such as printing orders of one square meter can be processed. Especially in the field of fashion and household textiles, digitally printed textiles can be customized.
  4. The production cycle of the T-shirt direct injection machines is short, and the change of pattern is convenient and fast, meeting the rapidly changing needs of the market.
  5. It is not restricted by spending. The digital printing machine has no plate-making process, and there is no limit on the return of flowers. It can print patterns of any size.
  6. The production process is green, pollution-free, and does not produce or release harmful substances. DTG printing meets the requirements of green environmental protection and meets the stringent quality requirements of European buyers.
Process environmental protection

This type of T-shirt direct jet printing machine belongs to anhydrous printing. From the previous treatment to printing, and finally color fixing, the whole process will not produce exhaust gas, and there is no liquid discharge, so it can truly achieve anhydrous environmental protection printing. In addition, the direct jet T-shirt printing machine also has very low energy consumption, and the power of the machine does not exceed 1000W. Although the power consumption of the color fixing equipment is slightly higher, it does not need to be turned on all day, such as an industrial-grade color fixing oven, a machine prints clothes one day, The oven only needs an hour to fix the color.

Green consumables

The consumables of the printing machine include ink and fore treatment liquid. These two consumables have a very high safety level, which can directly contact the skin without causing any discomfort. Moreover, at present, some large-scale paint ink manufacturers in the market have passed the testing of European and American high standards and can be used safely.

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