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Epson Launches 64 Nozzle Mona Lisa Digital Printing Machine ML-64000

Epson will, as a new product of the Mona Lisa series of inkjet digital printing machines, release the “ml-64000” with high productivity, high printing quality, and stable operation from March 28, 2022.

  1. High productivity and printing quality

“ML-64000” is the flagship model of the Mona Lisa series, equipped with 64 latest precision core print heads, high productivity mode with high-speed printing of 774 square meters per hour (600 x 600dpi-2pass)

The “dynamic alignment stabilizer (DAS)” technology independently controls the waveform of each print head chip, providing high-precision and high-density point placement and stable print quality. In addition, by symmetrically arranging the inks of eight colors, the colors can be layered in the same order even during bidirectional printing, so as to achieve a uniform finish. In addition to the “precise belt position control (ABPC)” technology that automatically detects the belt feed distance and adjusts the feed rate, it also realizes the stamping of high-quality and beautiful gradients and exquisite and complex geometric patterns while maintaining high productivity.

  1. Stable operation and minimum downtime

“Ml-64000” realizes stable operation through advanced cleaning mechanisms and automatic adjustment functions. Equipped with a “fluff removal system”, it can prevent fluff causing leakage points from entering the printer, and prevent ink mist from adhering to the nozzle surface by discharging ink mist from the suction fan. In addition, the nozzle self-diagnosis system automatically detects missing points on the print head and adjusts the inkjet to maintain image quality. The high-precision print head alignment mechanism and the automatic calibration function of the RGB camera can smoothly perform print head replacement including adjustment.

In addition, it is also compatible with the cloud service platform “Epson cloud solution port”, which remotely monitors the running status of devices. You can check the health of all connected printers through your computer or mobile device, reduce downtime and service calls, and maximize productivity.

  1. Availability

The ink is equipped with a 10L (L) ink cartridge and a large-capacity ink supply system. The ink can be changed even during printing, so as to achieve uninterrupted production.

In addition, the Epson genuine software rip “Epson edge print textile” is also provided to maximize the performance of the print head and ink. Through the intuitive screen layout, the standard has installed the functions required for textile printing, such as step & repeat.

  1. Carry self-developed “GENESTA ink”

“Genesta ink” supports a variety of fabrics and designs with degassed vacuum packaging acid ink, reactive ink, dispersed ink, and pigment ink, and displays everything from delicate colors to bright colors. I can do it Depending on the application, special color inks and penetrants can also be installed.

In addition, Epson has also obtained the certification of the international safety standard “Eco Passport” for chemicals in textiles. In addition, acid ink has obtained bluesign ® The reactive and pigment inks have been approved by the global organic textile standards (GOTS) certification body Ecocert.

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