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Epson Industrial Heat Transfer Digital Printing Machine

As the demand for local products continues to surge, the textile, clothing printing and soft advertising printout industries need to improve the quality of products while improving the production speed to achieve short-term delivery. So how do deal with the demand of textile and clothing manufacturers to expand production strategies, and further improve printing quality while ensuring high-speed printing production?

Epson provided a solution through the Epson Surecolor f10080h industrial heat transfer digital printing machine to provide all-weather productivity with higher speed and printing quality, helping users to establish product advantages in the fierce market competition and gain a leading position in the market competition.

High capacity printing to meet different needs of users

Productivity has always been the most concerned issue of industry users. Epson Surecolor f10080h is equipped with six precision cores ® Print head, each nozzle has a nozzle arrangement of up to 4.7 inches, and the number of nozzles in each column is up to 800. Combined with the characteristics of high-frequency injection of micro piezoelectric nozzles, it brings users the experience of high-speed output. The production speed of fashion applications can reach 245 square meters/hour, and the production speed of sportswear can reach 144 square meters/hour.

High-quality printing, accurate presentation of color beauty

Whether it is personalized customization or mass production, output quality has always been a key link affecting customer satisfaction. As a leading technology enterprise in the field of global ink-jet innovation, Epson has assembled the upgraded Epson precision ink dot technology on the SC-F 10080h based on the results of years of research and development in image processing technology. Through the integration of the upgraded LUT color comparison table, the new multi-layer halftone technology, and micro feathering technology, the graininess and print stripe of the printout picture are effectively reduced, and the transition area is smoother, so as to achieve a high-quality printout.

At the same time, sure color f10080h is configured with six colors (including light cyan and light magenta or phosphor and fluorescent yellow ink), which provides the ability to expand the color gamut, and brings bright colors and more highly personalized functions to the production of customized fashion clothing, sports clothing, home decoration, and advertising.

The standard black ink with a high concentration has a higher black density value, which can present a deeper black, especially suitable for the performance of dark color spot color in clothing. On the basis of cyan, yellow, and black, light cyan and light magenta are added to make the picture more delicate and smooth. At the same time, users can also choose fluorescent yellow and fluorescent pink to make the printed picture more vivid and bright.

High stability printing to meet different needs of users

High productivity and high quality also need high stability to escort. For large machines, stability is an important consideration for users to purchase. Machines with good stability can improve production speed, reduce defective production and save production costs.

SC-F10080h adopts a stable industrial frame structure to ensure the parallelism of the feeder spindle, the feeder spindle, and the receiver spindle. In addition, SC-F10080h is also equipped with a new Epson drying system, which can effectively control the temperature of the media surface through the positive and negative drying design, significantly improve the drying efficiency, reduce the wrinkles on the print media surface, and save space.

SC-F10080h is equipped with a large capacity floor type ink supply unit with a monochrome ink capacity of up to 20L, which supports hot-plugging of ink cartridges during printing, thus extending the printing time without user intervention. It is designed for harsh industrial environments.

In addition, in order to reduce the risk of plug caused by dust, SC-F10080h is internally equipped with cleaning devices such as a cleaning brush and a small fan to ensure continuous and stable printing production with a variety of measures. Its advanced automatic tension control system can also minimize the adverse effects of external factors such as the weight of different media and the shape of the shaft core, so as to achieve stable and accurate tension control.

In addition, SC-F10080h also supports the Epson cloud solution port. Users can view the printer’s working status, print volume, and other information in real-time. Through the user’s self-maintenance policy, users can replace spare parts such as print heads by themselves. It is easy to operate and does not need to wait for professional technicians to come to the site for service, so as to effectively reduce downtime and achieve stable production.

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