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DTG Printing Technology Makes Order Processing More Convenient and Fast

DTG printing technology was originally developed by Australia’s Impression Technology Company and the United States Coldesi. DTG is known as a great innovation for Australians. Since its technology, it has been loved by Indian companies and clothing brands around the world.

The working principle of digital printing is basically the same as inkjet printers. The process is mainly divided into three parts: pre-fabric processing, inkjet printing, and printing.

The previous treatment process mainly includes the preparation of the slurry, the slurry of the fabric, the toll-ment and drying, and the sealed preservation. The main purpose of the surface treatment is to block the fiber capillary tube, significantly reduce the capacity of the fiber, prevent the jets from seeping to the surface dyeing of the fabric, and obtain a clear pattern. At the same time, the materials behind the slurry become stiff, which is convenient for printers to enter the cloth.

Inkjet printing process, creative design manuscripts use digital inkjet printers through computer digitalization to achieve inkjet printing. It is characterized by the need to make a version, print on demand, timely error correction, variable printing, and setting.

The post-processing process includes steaming color, washing, and pulling drying process. Among them, the purpose of steaming color is to play the conditions required to provide dyes and fiber reactions through steam, such as temperature and humidity play a solid role. The purpose of water washing is to wash off the slurry attached to the fabric and some dye floating colors that have not yet reacted with the fiber. Finally, the purpose of pulling drying is to evaporate the moisture remaining on the fabric. By pulling the width of the fabric, the quality of the finished product is improved and the quality of the finished product is improved.

The profit margin of the shirt customization industry is very large. Using DTG technology and equipment, a blank shirt is worth $ 4, color ink costs $ 1, and in a few minutes, it can directly turn it into about $ 30. If the amount of customization is received, the cost of each piece can be reduced. Due to the large size of the shirt market, this is very suitable for e-commerce sales and logistics delivery. Therefore, fabric printing companies can provide products with higher brand value and more convenient logistics services with the least inventory. The existing DTG devices can attract customers who are printed with silk mesh to strengthen their fabric directly printed customer base.

This is a growing area. Many people who buy these devices tend to start their own fabric printing businesses at home. Many fabric printing service providers with wire printing machines are also starting digital printing technology, or directly buying DTG devices for digital upgrades. In the past, they had to push some small orders, and now fabric printing companies have to consider investing in technical investment for these businesses.

DTG technology was initially improved from the principle of photographic printing technology, which better established the theoretical foundation of DTG technology. DTG technology is now becoming more stable and fast, and the current investment costs are also easy to accept new and old customers. Most of the DTG application market remains to be excavated, and the size of the fabric printing market at present is only at the lowest point. In general, the clothing printing market is developing in the direction of small batches, and most of the current orders are less than 500.

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