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DTF Printing is Perfect for Clothing Customization Firms

DTF printing

DTF printing service has reinvented the current market and purged the development of garments for the new period. Currently, developers, as well as suppliers, can create artwork freely and also transfer it right into the clothes. Here are a few of the advantages of DTF printers.

Screen printing includes dozen of steps, which suggests that it is generally only cost-efficient in the simplest design or printing of a lot of apparel. The layout of the DTF printing pattern is as easy as developing on paper– your picture is sent from the computer system to the DTF equipment immediately, and the rest of the work is done by the printer.

As a matter of fact, DTF printers might be different from conventional paper printers in appearance, yet their functions are comparable with various other ink-jet printers, like DTG Printers that use electronic piezoelectric print-heads to print images straight onto clothes. Although screen printing definitely still has a place in the apparel industry, DTF printing makes it much more affordable for small companies or fabric agencies that wish to make a small number of orders.

DTF Printing will provide even more options for you

When utilizing DTF printing, the procedure of printing simple colors and designs is no different from processing complex graphics. With a DTF printer, you can print on Jeans as well as various other garments, which might hardly recognize with various printing methods in the past.

DTF Printer is sustainable and less expensive

What’s more, the DTF printer requires much less area than traditional printing and dyeing methods. Compared with those procedures, the cost of DTF printing is more affordable no matter on device or amount of work. It is worth dealing tiny set of orders that are less than 100 T-shirts per design/ layout, the unit cost of DTF printing will certainly be reduced, less than that of the standard screen printing process.

DTF printing

If you run an apparel business, you will certainly understand the value of having a good printer as well as ink, because both of them decide your manufacturing’s quality. In addition, the pertinent ink is additionally needed. It not only has high saturation but also fluency and won’t make your print head obstructing.

The film can be purchased in thin slices or in rolls for bigger operations. That’s an incorrect understanding that each type of film is suitable for DTF printing. The pattern printed on the cold peel film can’t transfer to the garment directly.

The cloth does not need to be pretreated

One of the noticeable advantages of the DTF printing service is no pretreatment, which means that you can straight move the graphics right into the cloth. You can save a considerable part of the cost. Overall, compared to DTG, the DTF printing method is much more affordable and also saves labor prices.

You can fill the clean container with warm water (or a blend of water and vinegar to clean the print head) and place the print head directly into it. Allow it to stay there for around five mines minutes. When it’s completed, you can place it back in the printer and also try to turn it.

There are a number of specialized devices on the marketplace that can aid fix clogged print heads. The superior product is the print head doctor, which has various models and specifications. They can achieve automatic functions and applications that aid in the control of the equipment.

Get a DTF printer to process your clothing orders! Whether it is a large-scale order or a private order of fewer than 100 pieces, it can satisfy consumers. Good-quality DTF printers, with an excellent printing effect, are easy to operate and can be used for a long time.

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