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DTF Printer Provides You With A One-stop Solution!

At present, DTF printing has a considerable market share in the digital printing market, which has become a major trend in the development of the printing industry in the next few years. DTF printing consists of an inkjet printer and a toner shaker. In addition, PET films, textile pigment inks, and hot-melt powders are required. So, what are the consumables required for DTF printers?

1. DTF film printer

Operators can use a DTF printer to print any designed pattern on PET film and move them freely onto almost any material with a very simple process. Those big companies can provide 30cm DTF printers, 60cm DTF printers, and 1.2m DTF printers to meet the needs of customers. Its printing speed is fast, the pattern restoration degree high, and the quality stable.

2. Powder shaker

Usually, the printing business sells machines with a combination of printer and powder shaker. The printer or powder shaker can also be provided separately for customers. After continuous upgrading and optimization, the technology of the powder shaker is more mature. Some improvements have been made in its materials and functions.

3. DTF film

Excellent DTF Film, gentle to the touch, safe and environmentally friendly, with bright colors, is suitable for most clothes, and the graphics and text printed on it are colorful, suitable for most clothes.DTF printing Using DTF pigment inks and binder powders for large-scale drawing fabrication in one go will be suitable for large-scale production, which can reduce labor costs, is simple to operate, and has good effects. According to the different needs of customers, two different films of hot/cold peeling usually will be provided.

4. Textile Pigment Ink

Specifically designed for printing on DTF or direct transfer film, the good quality water-based pigment textile inks are a new technology in thermal transfer for garment printing – digital thermal transfer.

Better inks feature high tinting density with vibrant tones and accurate fluidity, with no clogging of the print nozzles after printing. At the same time, the finest white ink has strong adhesion, and there will be no residual ink after the clothes are colored.

5. Hot melt powder

The hot melt powder is specially designed for DTF printing and is the first choice for t-shirt thermal transfer – digital offset printing. The printing companies can provide 5 kinds of mild DTF powder (superfine powder/special powder/regular powder/coarse powder/jeans powder/cooling powder). These powders are characterized by being environmentally friendly, clean, and residue-free. It produces a subbing layer after DTF printing and is suitable for a variety of films. Hot melt powder can be used to customize T-shirts, work clothes, marketing campaign clothing, sweatshirts, bags, and more. The resulting patterns on clothes are bright and washable.

The overall solution of DTF printing requires not only high-quality equipment but also good consumables. Those best equipment have high stability. Its ink is environmentally friendly and will not block the print head. There are usually five types of hot-melt powder on the market, which can meet the transfer requirements of businesses for different substrates. The fine film is soft and smooth. Also, some corporations provide customers with all the machines and consumables needed for DTF printing, including software.



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