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Do You Know DTG Printing Process?

What is the DTG printing process? What are the advantages of printing cotton T-shirts with this digital printing process?

T-shirt printing refers to the use of dyes or paints to form graphics and text on the surface of fabrics. With the development of printing technology, screen printing, rotary screen printing, roller printing, digital printing, and other printing processes have coexisted. The application scope of various printing processes is different, the technical characteristics are different, and the printing equipment and consumables used are also different.

DTG printing means printing the patterns you need directly on materials with a digital printer. For digital heat transfer printing, the printing pattern needs to be printed on special paper, and then transferred to various materials through heat transfer, such as T-shirts, protective clothing, sportswear, and other clothing.

Advantages of DTG Printing

Accept small batch orders

One set of T-shirts is a great benefit for many businesses or individuals who need to customize T-shirts in small quantities. Before that, the cost of screen-printed T-shirts is very high if they are customized in small quantities. Many times, they only need one or two T-shirts. Obviously, many manufacturers are reluctant to customize. However, since the technology of digital direct injection has been developed, It makes a starting order a truly realizable service, and the purchase cost for buyers is also reduced a lot.

There is no need to make a plate, and a single piece can be made. DTG printing technology is as convenient as using a printer. You can print the desired pattern from the computer to the garment at any time. However, the traditional printing method needs to use a laser Phototypesetter to produce film first, and then sunscreen version, printing overprint, and other complex processes, so it is basically impossible to realize personalized customization. The way of heat transfer printing is similar to digital printing, and it can also realize the function of single-piece customization.


Some patterns with slightly rich colors will have an obvious glue feeling if they are printed with glue, which is hard to feel, so they will also be relatively airtight, but the DTG Printing Process has a good hand feel. This is the great advantage of digital printing. Because the ink particles of digital printing are very fine and can reach the nanometer level, they can easily penetrate into the fiber gap of the fabric, which not only has fastness but also does not affect the softness and comfort of the fabric itself.

Easy to accomplish complex patterns and colors

We often see that the patterns of many T-shirts are very complex, and the color is good and three-dimensional, so it is likely that the digital direct-injection process is used. Cotton T-shirt printing is a new printing process that uses the micro piezoelectric print head of the inkjet printer to spray the special textile ink on the surface of the fabric and penetrate into the fiber to fix the color. This printing method subverts the traditional printing process that has been inherited for thousands of years. Printing can be directly controlled by a computer, which is not only convenient and fast but also can show richer colors and more details.

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